Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm on my way back to running again...

I've been having problems lately. Four weeks ago, I gained a half a pound. Three weeks ago, I gained a pound and a half. Both of those weeks, I was on the new PointsPlus plan with Weight Watchers--to the letter.

So I took a break.

For 2 weeks, I didn't track anything I ate. I didn't go hog wild, like I've done in the past, but I did eat what I wanted to.

I consistently gained about 3 pounds each week.

This past week, I was back on the PointsPlus plan and I lost almost 2 pounds.

Who knows what's going on. I don't know why it didn't work for me before but it did now, but I'll take it. Maybe it was because of the break. It's gonna be interesting to see how next week goes.

I finally went to the sports orthopedist for him to look at my knee that I injured about a year ago when I was training for the marathon. It ends up I really wrecked my knee cap. It's sitting crooked on my knee socket and it's all ground down and rough with chips of bone floating underneath it.

He first asked my why I would want to run. I almost got up and walked out. I thought, who is he to question why I would want to run. But I explained to him about how I was almost 300 pounds when I first started my weight loss journey and how I was deathly afraid of running. But then I overcame my fear and once I found out that I could run and it wouldn't kill me it SO empowered me. I don't want to live my life without running.

He understood and gave me some good advice. It ends up I need to strengthen my leg muscles more. He's referred me to a physical therapist and also given me some exercises to do to build up my thigh muscles.

He said I will be able to run again, after I get my legs in shape first. He gave me a knee brace to where when I start running again that'll keep my knee cap in place.

I can't wait to start running again. I miss it terribly. Has anyone else fell in love with running? Or anything else that has empowered you that you were afraid of before?


Marty said...

That sounds like an ouchie!!! Heres to hoping you are back "up and running" before you know it!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck and hope you have much success in running soon.

Andrew Withers said...

That is nice to here that you are back to running.

Good Luck

Veit said...

Thats good nice Cara.

Megan said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your knee! I just subscribed to your blog. I just started my own weight loss blog and I'm looking forward to getting a support group going. I hope you can run again soon. said...

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