About Me

This was my story in 2010...

Hi. I'm Cara and I'm writing this blog to keep myself accountable to weight loss. This blog, and the friends I've met on here, have helped me stay on track week after week. If it weren't for some of you, I would have quit losing a long time ago and been "satisfied" with whatever my loss was at the time and gone on with my life. Losing weight is way to hard to do it alone. Blogging helps me through this one pound at a time.

I started losing weight in January 2007. I was 275 pounds.

My goal is to lose half my body weight. So I would love to get down to 135 pounds, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. I'm over 40 and 5' 6" tall and I'm not sure if 135 would be healthy for me. But I want to at least make it down to 140-145.

I lost 10 pounds on NutriSystems. But I'll be honest, the food got very boring after only a few months. The price was good, but I honestly learned nothing while on that diet.

I started Weight Watchers on May 12, 2007. I weighed 265.2 pounds at my first meeting. I've learned SO much about how to eat healthy and how my body reacts to and processes different types of foods. I've finally learned how to eat right.

I used to dream of being able to afford a personal dietitian to teach me how to eat right. But with Weight Watchers, I've learned it all. It's taken me 3 years, but I've got a great foundation for eating right and for learning how to lose weight.

In May 2009, I reached my (interim) 100 pound weight loss goal. After that, I gained 10 pounds back. It took me almost 10 months to lose those 10 pounds to finally hit my 100 pound goal again in March 2010.

Now I'm on my way to goal. I'll be there soon. Come with me while I journal my way through every day of my weight loss journey.

All Of That Sounds Very Optimistic, Right?

Well, here I am, 6 years later and I've gained almost all of it back.

Yes, that's right, I've gained almost all of the precious pounds I lost back.

How did I get here???

And I wonder how many of you have done this exact same thing?

I left Weight Watchers in 2010 after being so frustrated with the scale continually going up, rather than down. I don't know exactly what when wrong. Well, no, if I'm honest with myself, I can point to about 4 or 5 specific things that caused me to keep gaining, even though I continued to go to Weight Watchers—faithfully—week after week. But that's another story altogether.

For now, I'm on a new journey. One I'll share with you over the coming months as it unfolds.

I'll soon be changing the format of this blog to take on a new meaning... rather than just journalling my weight loss. I'll write more about it soon. Sign up for my newsletter and you'll get an email when I'm ready to tell you guys all about it.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave me a message, OK? I love hearing from you.