Thursday, June 2, 2016

Rapid Weight Gain

I had a rough weigh-in last week. I gained 2.8 pounds but the worst part was I was completely shocked about it.

You know how sometimes you gain weight but you expect it. Maybe you cheated a little too much during the week and you know you're going to be up.

But I was thrown off guard by this gain. Two week prior to the weigh in, I was on a week-long vacation where I indulged a little. Not much, but 3 nights I had dessert and 4 days I ate things I normally wouldn't. All-in-all, not horrible. I was expecting to gain a few pounds from this eating behavior.

I didn't weigh in after I got back from vacation because I knew I'd be up a few pounds, so instead I hunkered down and stayed on plan for the next week. The thought was that whatever few pounds I gained while I was on vacation I'd be able to get off over the course of the following week.

Well, it didn't work.

Or maybe it did.

Maybe I gained more than a few pounds on vacation. I didn't weigh myself when I got back, I don't weigh myself at home any more. Only at Weight Watchers. What if I gained several pounds? What if I gained 10 pounds? Over the course of just ONE WEEK?!?!

Say it ain't so!!

Is my metabolism so screwed up from all of the dieting (lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight....) that it no longer knows how to gain just a little bit from indulging?

I read an article in the New York Times that mentioned how Danny Cayhill had gaining 100 pounds back over the five years since he won Biggest Loser. This quote from Danny, in the article, shocked me the most:
“All my friends were drinking beer and not gaining massive amounts of weight,” Mr. Cahill said. “The moment I started drinking beer, there goes another 20 pounds. I said, ‘This is not right. Something is wrong with my body.’”
Do you think this might be what happened to me?


MaryFran said...

Vacations do it...alone they are not bad...but it's the habits that just won't easily go away! Tighten the reigns and get on track! You can!!

Anne from Pintesting said...

It isn't easy to stay on track eating healthy all the time, and when you're on vacation I think you should be able to splurge a little. But I think you're on to something regarding the messing up of our metabolisms. I read an article about that recently that said that almost ALL of the Biggest Losers had gained back their weight and had killed their metabolisms compared to their friends who hadn't done the program. I also think that unless you only eat organic exclusively, our "food" is not helping either. It's been proven that produce has roughly 40% fewer nutrients than their counterparts did 20 years ago. Commercial farming techniques, chemical pesticides, GMOs, and who knows what else is happening to our food sources. This all is contributing to a nation with messed up bodies.

My daughters went to Germany and Italy last year. They ate and drank with abandon and vacationed like they meant it. When they returned, they each had lost weight. What's the takeaway? Vacation in Europe! Let me know when we should start packing.