Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can God help you lose weight?

I just wanted to explain something before I got much further down the path I've been on for the past week or so.

I've been trying to lose weight for almost 4 years, now (every single day, never stop, no breaks) and in all that time, I've gone through some really tough discoveries about myself. I went through a really hard time, for about a year, when I kept sabotaging my weight loss efforts because deep down, without knowing it, I wasn't giving myself permission to be a better person. I've overcome so many fears that I had no idea could even exist in weight loss. And I've learned so much about myself that I had no clue was even there.

But through all of this self-discovery and through all of my accomplishments, I've ignored one crucial thing—my spirituality as it relates to weight loss. But I have to be honest, it has never occurred to me that spirituality could have anything at all to do with weight loss. I've always seen weight loss is a physical (and most times emotional and mental) thing, but most definitely not a spiritual thing. But now I'm seeing it a little differently. I'm coming to discover that I need to rely on a higher power for the rest of my journey to the physical person I want to become. And for the first time, that totally makes sense to me.

For me, my higher power is God and Jesus Christ.

Since I started my blog (over three years ago), I've been deliberate in leaving my faith out of each post. I wanted my blog to remain spiritually neutral for a couple of reasons. The first of which I just mentioned (not seeing a direct correlation between the food I eat and God).

But secondly, I didn't want to push my beliefs onto others. In my personal life, I've always been a passive Christian and very low key. I've been more of the Jesus-type: let them know me by my actions. I've had very bad experiences and have known many, many people who have been "preached at" in non-spiritual situations that has completely turned them off from hearing God's truth. So I've always purposefully not shouted "Jesus" from the mountain tops. And so I didn't mention my beliefs here, on my weight loss blog, for fear that I'd scare off people who really needed my help (or more importantly, people whose help I needed).

So as I'm going to be blogging about this new part of my weight loss journey for a bit longer, I just wanted to put it out there that I am in no way trying to influence your spirituality or beliefs. In fact, I hope that you will continue to follow my spiritual/weight loss journey but whenever I talk about God or Jesus, instead of being offended (or thinking that I'm trying to convert you) you can just insert your deity or spirituality or motivation into the text and learn and grow with me.

My main purpose with my new journey is really to get to the bottom of why I am so addicted to food, why I crave food CONSTANTLY, and why can't I lose the weight that I so desperately want to lose, even though I'm eating all the right foods.

So I hope you'll stay with me and we can help each other along this journey to lose the weight we want to and become the person God (or [insert your deity or desire here]) wants us to be.

Sound alright?


Princess Dieter said...

I don't think you need to be so self-conscious about the spiritual aspect. There is a longstanding tradition in Christianity (East and West sides) of how lack of self-control with all sorts of things is sin (food, sex, temper, money, etc). I don't see feminists apologizing for their strong views and desire to persuade, or atheists, or civil rights activists, or any passionate group. Being sensitive is important, but you don't have to be lacking passion or a desire to convince/persuade. Jesus or Paul or Moses, for that matter, wouldn't say, 'Well, insert your deity here". :) They'd just give their views and let you accept or reject you wished.

Just say what you feel, and let us accept or reject such ideas/opinions as we deem best. If some are persuaded--or converted--would that be bad? I don't think Paul, Peter, John, James or any other apostle would think it was bad to "convert". :)

Just think Christians don't need to apologize or be less passionate than any other group that hold strong beliefs or opinions. Love everyone, even those who disagree heartily. Forgive all. BUT...Be passionate!

And yes, God can help us lose weight. It's really up to how obedient and full of faith we are. Clearly, those of us who struggle with the besetting sins regarding food (and it's not all sin, there are physiological factors at work, but clearly, some of us have gluttony issues) and who don't make progress in that area may need to look into why we can't overcome. Just as we'd seek reasons why we couldn't stop having, say, illicit sex or kept losing our temper, or kept being hypercritical, or kept causing dissensions, or kept gossiping, or kept, well, murdering..insert any intemperate or commandment-breaking activity.

If God says all things are possible in Him, and if He says He gives us His Spirit, which is powerful and not fearful or weak....then the issue is...where are we not having enough obedience, faith, or spiritual fruit (self-control being one).

It's not a simply sin issue...but it's definitely an aspect every Christian person needs to look at.

Might want to check out Frederica Matthewes-Green's article on Gluttony (available on line, just google it). She's of the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christendom. :)

Princess Dieter said...

Oh, and if you have not read THE END OF OVEREATING..that will give you some clue about those of us who are 'addicted' to food. The single book that has helped me the most. I've never lost this much weight or been this calm about food since I took the steps outlined in THAT book and read the science case studies about reactions to combos of food. Eye-opener.Recommend it.

I read it when I weighed in the 260's last summer. I'm now 217. That book was the turning point. That and SWITCH and WHY WE GET FAT and the Gillian Riley "rehab" books on overeating. All very useful. But THE END OF OVEREATING was an epiphany for me.

F. McButter Pants said...

Food is an addiction. The only way to treat ( not cured, cause you are never cured ) an addiction is by spiritual means. The program of A.A. is based on relying on a Higher Power. I pray every morning that I might not rely on anything but Them.

Great thoughtful post!

George said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cara,

Just came over from Princess D's blog. Your post resonated with me.

I have found that when I ask God each morning to help me choose the right portion of foods and drink for the day that I experience success. Then I get cocky and forget to rely on a higher power.

Be encouraged! You have done so well.

MOM GETS_FIT said...

I'm proud of you for discussing your faith. I'm a Christian too. I believe faith and prayer can move mountains. I'm blogging about my weight loss too at

Heather said...

Not only are you inspiring people to be healthy but you also get a chance to witness to others as well. With God all things are possible!

Hi I'm Heather I just started following your blog. I have one of my own and I am looking for follows and support.


♥ astor said...

Spirituality is a big part of the weight loss puzzle -- maybe the only piece?

Flat Belly Solution said...

Your writing is authentic and from the heart. I do not see anything wrong with your gentle references to spirituality. You have a gracious approach and certainly are not the type to force your views on anyone. Your sincerity is accurately reflected in all your posts. We cannot do it alone, and Faith is the strongest support of all.

quickest way to lose weight said...

About that question I don’t really know if god can help us to lose weight, maybe in a way god will help us to become more dedicated and motivated to lose weight but its always up to us, if we are really serious and dedicated to what we want to achieve nothing is impossible, we just self discipline and a proper diet and of course exercise are very important to lose weight and have a good health.

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Senait T said...

Hi Cara! Great blog you have here. I'm a Christian, too. And my sister has been trying to lose weight ever since we were kids. I just got off the phone with her as I tried to convince her that strengthening her spirituality was going to be the key to her weight loss. And in my desperate attempt to find someone who agreed with me, I found your blog.

You are so spot on with God helping you lose weight. I think it's so important we remember all growth is spiritual. And as Christians, we ought to recognize that this is provided to us by the power of God's grace. And I believe the more empowered we become in God's promises for our lives - the less hurt, resentful and angry we are. And these negative feelings (that we're so good at concealing from ourselves) are so much the root of weight GAIN (and a whole slew of other problems).....

Anyway, I don't want to come across all-knowing here. I just want to encourage this new journey your taking to put God at the centre of your goals as I'm sure it will allow you to prosper in unimaginable ways!