Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Back...

Hello Everyone!!!

I'm back!!!

So sorry for the long time I've been gone. So much has been going on. I'll bet you thought, well, there goes another blogger come and go!

Not me!

I'm a die-hard blogger... life just got in the way.

Since I've been off-blog, so much has happened and I'm so sorry that I didn't get a chance to blog any of it. I'll try and reconstruct some of it, but my memory always forgets the juicy details so I'm sure it won't be quite the same.

One big thing that happened is that today I hit my 80 pounds!!!

It's been just a little over a year. We started WW on May 12th of last year. So it's been a year and two weeks and I've lost 80 pounds. Can you believe that???!!! I still can't believe it!

I just kept saying over and over today "I can't believe I've lost 80 pounds."

It sounds like so much weight!

My daughter weighed herself this morning and she said she weighs 108 pounds. I've lost almost as much as my daughter weighs!!! WOW!

I've been stuck between 75 pounds and 80 pounds for the last two months. Since the beginning of April.

I have to say that I've really tried to lose it, too. I haven't slacked off or cheated. I haven't been exercising like I wanted to. But I have been exercising some. But this past week, I only walked two mornings and didn't run any and still lost a whole pound. So I don't know if it's really anything I've done or not done to take so long to lose 5 pounds. I think it's just my body taking a break.

Who knows if my body is back from it's break or not but at least I can say I've hit 80 pounds! I'll still keep at it and keep trying. That's the best I can do. I can't get discouraged. I can't give up. I still have 45 more pounds to go to goal. That could realistically take me another year to do. If things go like they did these past two months, it might even be a year and a half or two years before I can get down to goal.

But I will not give up. I will not falter. I'm in this for the long haul. I will hit goal. And once I hit it, I will stay at goal. For the rest of my life!

Well, I'm back and I'll be back tomorrow to blog again. I'm so glad to be back. I really missed blogging. I miss the interaction and the accountability. I miss reading all of your stories.

Now I have to get caught up on your lives.


Deborah said...

Welcome back to the land of blogmania, honey. I'm sure your blog-buds have missed you.

I'm really proud of your 80 pounds milestone. Way to go, girl.

Cara said...

Woo hoo! You have some amazing so far and i know you will continue to do amazing!

shelley said...

Wow, 80 lbs is fantastic! And way to stick to it even though your body took a break, that can be discouraging but you did it!

Cara said...

you have been tagged!

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