Monday, August 31, 2009

Small steps... big movements.

Well, I made it through the weekend pretty good. I only gained one pound. Not bad. Usually I'm up 3-5 pounds by Monday morning.

I did go on my bike ride Sunday morning. Yay!! I only went for about an hour, though. We moved into a new house (part of the reason for my "break" from weight loss) and Sunday was our last day to get everything in order. Finishing touches. So we wanted to get all that over with early in the day so I had to get up extra early to get my bike ride in.

I started out at 6:15. It was still dark. I really don't like riding or walking or running in the dark. Actually, I won't walk or run by myself in the dark. And as for biking, I've heard of many women who were knocked off their bikes and accosted. But It usually gets daylight around 6:15 and I figured I was going to be on a safe part of the trail for that first 15 minutes anyways so I figured I'd be okay.

Well, a half hour later it still hadn't gotten daylight. I was just heading into a part of the trail where it winds through a beautiful tunnel of trees into the middle of gorgeous woods with water streams, foot bridges and park benches. But it was still dark. I heard this loud screech then stopped and turned around and headed back home. I have no idea if it was an animal or a human but it didn't sound good.

But I still got in a total of 50 minutes of biking. I can't even remember the last time I went biking. Felt great. I was exhausted when I got back. We went to breakfast and then off to mop and vacuum the floors one last time at the old place.

I did overeat just a smidge both days, but my attitude was way better than most recent weekends. I did say no to that ice cream cone that everyone else had on Saturday. That was so tough, too, because it's my favorite ice cream in the world. I don't much care for ice cream but there's this little hot dog stand that has soft serve ice cream that they dip in a really thick rich chocolate shell. But I said no. Now, I didn't say no to the two, yes two, milk shakes I had on Sunday. But I was good the rest of the time. Most of it was more of a mental attitude towards the food. Just trying to get my head back on straight.

Small steps.

I want to thank all of you for your encouragement. Your comments blew me away. I'm so happy that my words could help just one person in their journey. That's been my hope all along. I will always be honest in my blog. This is my accountability and if I'm not honest here, I'll never be honest anywhere. You guys are awesome.

Together we can do this. I can't do it without you guys. I can always expect an honest responses from you guys. And I thank you for that.

2 days into my "re-birth" in weight loss: I blogged like I said I was going to. I biked like I said I was going to. I indulged, but not too much, like I should. So far so good...



MaryFran said...

Yay!!! You have made a great start!!!!!!! Good for you! I'm still struggling wiht getting the physical activity started!

HopeFool said...


Good for you.

Your last post really made an impact on me and I blogged about you Sunday.

You're right. We can do this.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Awesome job. You did great right back onto your plan.

That was key for me during my weight loss. To get right back into things, and also now in maintenance, to stay focused!


jinxxxygirl said...

Cara i hope you know how brave you are. hop back on and do it again. You deserve so much credit for that. I'm so glad you did not just opt to throw in the towel and just erase all the hard work you put in . You could have very easily done just that. So, yes you are very brave in my book.

If theres one thing i learned in my almost two year weightloss journey (Nov) it is to only make changes you can live with for the rest of your life. I've done that and its gotten me to 175 ish pounds. To go lower i will have to make more changes but i just can't seem to do that. I can live with the changes i've made in my life and maintain this 175 pounds. I may have to be happy here and i can be. I'm healthier now than i've been in YEARS. I can run 3-4 miles. But i really believe thats been the key to my success. Only making changes i can see myself doing for the rest of my life. And you have to be brutally honest with yourself there. Running 5 miles every day is just not my thing. I admire all the bloggers that i read that do just that but i know thats not me. You have to KNOW you.

Sorry for the long post.......But i can really identify with you girl. I KNOW just how easy it would be to let my vigilence down and gain some weight back. Its the fear in back of all our minds.

On a final you think if you would have went ahead and had your favorite icecream cone on Saturday you could have resisted the two milkshakes on Sunday???We have to set our food priorities. If that ice cream cone would have meant that much to you maybe you should have had it.Be thinking of you as always Cara. Keep your chin up! And keep taking those baby steps. And never forget just how far you've come baby! JInx!

Anonymous said...

Hi there Cara --

I am glad you are back. I was worried about your not posting for such a long time. I know you feel bad to have lost the same 10 pounds for a year, but perhaps you can see this as just part of the process? Sometimes one has to do the same thing over and over and over and over before "getting" it. That's been my experience. I have lost and gained weight throughout my life (in cycles of 25-60 lbs), and only in the last couple of years have I gotten to the point that I feel like I finally have a handle on things and have successfully maintained at a healthy weight. One of the things that I recognized was that I am completely addicted to certain types of food -- and I think many overweight people share this addicition -- i.e., refined carbs and sugar. I don't think that I am addicted to all foods though, and this was a huge insight for me. I have basically cut sugary foods and refined carbs almost completely out of my diet, and I have learned to see these as extremely unhealthy things that are poisonous to my system. I eat pretty much whatever else I want -- dairy, meat, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts. There was one point in my life when I felt like life would not be worth living without the occasional Krispy Kreme or bag of Doritos, but I can now say that I am so much happier just having those as a completely off limits category of food. This is a big challenge with different eating programs, I think. I know that WW and other programs take the approach that everything in moderation is fine. That just wasn't workable for me -- I can't eat "moderate" amounts of ice cream. Maybe I could do that for a while, but there would always come a day, when BOOM, I would eat way, way too much of the ice cream. Anyway, this is just rambling. I am glad you are back, and keep blogging -- I know for sure that it helps! Good luck, Becky

Lisa said...

Great job! You WILL do it!!!

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

Well Done, I admire anyone who can get up and out at 6:15am on a dark morning and go cylcing;0)

It is good you are back on track and baby steps is the way to go at times like these. Getting your confidence back willenable the big steps.

Did you know that moving house is the third most stressful thing we do in life? After bereavement and divorce. No wonder you had trouble staying on board.

So glad you are back:0)


spunkysuzi said...

Good for you on getting a bike ride in!! And for re-starting your efforts.

Shelley said...

Glad you came back...and baby steps are what it's all about. Next time, one milkshake, lol!

Agreeance with the moving stress - it will do a number on you!

screwdestiny said...

Yay for being back on the wagon! Sorry you had to cut your bike ride short. I don't like being out alone in the dark either.

Lynn said...

I'm glad to see you back, too. I started following your blog about two weeks before your recent hiatus...I was afraid you might not come back...but you DID! Yay! Isn't that right there the difference between getting it off and keeping it off? Thank God it's the same 10 pounds you want to lose, and not the same 50. Been there, done that, doing it again. Here's to it being the LAST time for us both.