Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mr. Squarepants is grounded...

Weigh in this morning... I've been weighing myself at home all week watching the scale inch its way down closer to the 100 lb (loss) mark. As of last Saturday's weigh in, I was only 1.8 lbs away. This morning, on my scale at home, I was doen 8/10ths from last week. Before I left to go to weigh in, hubby asked me how I thought I'd do and I said I was down around 6 or 8/10ths. He gives me this big hug, wished me luck, and off I go to weigh in.

So I weigh in and Barb, as she holds up her hand and pinches her thumb and forefinger together, says "just a little bit".

So I get my booklet back from her and it says 6/10ths. Whew! I breathed a sigh of relief.

So I go sit down and get ready for the meeting and I decide to tweet my loss. I go to pull my phone out of my purse and realized I left it home. Bummer. I hate when I do that. I feel so naked without my phone.

So I sit there and do the math in my head to see how close I am to getting back down to the 100 lb mark. I pull my booklet back out of my purse. I open the booklet and see the total number of pounds lost to date is 97.6. Wait a minute. Last week it was 98.2! What the heck?! Am I missing something??

Then it hit me... I GAINED 6/10ths of a pound!!!

Again... What the heck??!!??!

How on God's green Earth could I have gained 6/10ths of a pound? My scale at home says I'm down 8/10ths. That's a huge spread. I know there's always been a 1 pound difference between the home scale and the WW scale, but the numbers I was comparing was from how much I weighed BEFORE I go to weight watchers. So when I say how much I weighed last week and compare it to this week, I'm comparing the number on my home scale, only.

I was so mad I threw my weigh in booklet back in my purse. I crossed my arms and started to cry.


Then I pulled myself together and put on a brave face and congratulated everyone else on their losses. The lady next to me lost 2 lbs which made her reach her first 5%. I was so happy for her.

So I make it home and walk in the house and go straight for the piece of cake that was sitting on the stove (leftover from cupcake pops I made for the company craft fair yesterday). Hubby stops me and asks me how I did. I tell him all about it. Then I head for the cake again.

He stops me and says "wait a minute, come here". He scoops me in his arms and cuddles with me on the love seat. He says he doesn't want me to do anything I'll regret and he wants me to take a minute before heading for the cake. I cry in his arms for a bit and then pull myself together. What a sweet man. He just wants me to meet my goals and be happy. I'm so lucky.

So, two things...

#1, there is definitely something wrong with my home scale.

#2, I just hid the scale in the closet. I've never been able to go a whole week without weighing myself, but I'm going to try doing that this week. I feel like I've put the scale in time out. Like I've grounded my scale or something. We'll see how it works out. Wish me luck.

P.S. I did eat the cake. And I did not regret it. :(



Kathi said...

I can so relate to the obsession with the scale. I have also set a goal for myself this week no weigh in until next week. We are not defined by how much we weigh is a tool among many others that gadge how we are doing. It is the not the only one. I have decided that my goals is to eat a healthy lifestyle and that is it. Not that I will weight a certain number. I look forward to see if we both can meet our goal this week. Good luck to you. My motto, never, ever give up trying! You can do this!

spunkysuzi said...

I have put the scale away this week as well!! It just sets my mood for the day whether i'm up or down :(

--cara said...

Kathi & Suzanne, let's do this together. So far, one day under my belt. It was sad sitting there on the toilet this morning looking at the empty spot in front of me where the scale used to be. But also empowering. And, Suzanne, you're right, my Saturday was crap all day because of that mess up with my weigh in. The scale really does set my mood for the day. Not this week, though. :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Breaking my scale habit was so freeing for me. It was really hard. I weighed myself EVERY day. But it became such an emotional rollercoaster. And the scale first thing in the morning would dictate my mood for the day. Had to let it go. Now i make myself get on once a month before the end of the month. That gives me a pretty overall picture of how i'm living my life. I know what i gotta do. Weighing myself once a month tells me if i've been doing it. It'll be alright girl. Its a journey. You have to find your unique path. Jinx!

Josie (35 and Shrinking) said...


I love how supportive your husband was...without you asking him to be he just "was"...

I totally support your decision to put the scale away. It's antagonizing, for sure. Here's hoping for a better weigh-in next week, Cara.

Miz said...

I am so so so with SpunkySuzi---but do have my pair of check in UNFORGIVING BUT ARE A REALISTIC SIZE jeans.

and some months those jeans can be worse than the square hunk of metal :)

perhaps just take a scale'cation and see how it goes?

I never went back.
once a year. doctors. DONE.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the problem with being too tied to the scale. I still weigh frequently, but I'm not really emotionally tied to the number, and I acknowledge that the combo of pms (bloat) and msg (salt) can put on 4 pounds, and it'll be gone in a few days.

Nice husband, most guys I know are not tuned in enough to understand a situation like that.