Saturday, February 6, 2010

One week before my first ever marathon...

Weight Watcher's this morning was nice. We talked about the Wizard of Oz story and how each of us have it inside of us to succeed, we just have to realize we've got it. Hubby went with me, which is always great. And Jen was there too. Jen is the woman I replaced at the job I'm at now. She left work to have her 2nd child. That was 3 years ago. Just a few months later, I started Weight Watchers and she was there, too. So we've been WW buds just about ever since. She met her lifetime about a year and a half ago. She only had 50 lbs to lose—I say "only" because of my 130 lbs that I have to lose to reach goal.

Anyway, Jen had quit coming to WW for the past few months. I was afraid she would start gaining it back, so I called her out on Facebook. Publicly guilting her into coming back. It worked, and she started coming again. It ends up she has gained almost 20 lbs back since she reached goal. I had no idea it was that much! I'm so glad she's started coming back. I would hope that someone would do for me what I did for her if I ever started gaining my weight back again. Of course, I have to lose it first. :)

I tell you, I've been having SO much fun playing racquetball with my husband. I'm really quite bad at it, but considering I've only played it 3 times in my entire life (and those 3 times were last week), I think I'm doing pretty good. :]

Tomorrow morning, I'm going for another 15-mile run. I'll take the same route as last Sunday. It was beautiful! I've already loaded up on carbs so my energy should be good. says its supposed to be in the low 40s but it will feel like the mid-30s. So I'll definitely dress warm and in layers. I won't forget my hat and gloves this time. Last week was brutal! I'll watch my water intake too so I don't have that painful final 5 miles again. Live and learn.

So my marathon is a week from tomorrow. I can't believe that this time next week I'll be sitting in a hotel room dreading the next morning. I would LOVE to finish in less than 6 hours so I can get a picture of me crossing the finish line, but I know that's unrealistic given my pace as of late. I just hope I can find the finish line once they tear it down after 6 hours.

I hope I get the marathon medal, too. It's a beautiful Olympic-type ribbon medal (artists drawing of the medal shown here). It says on their website that "all finishers will receive a commemorative medal". But I wonder if that means you have to finish before they tear down the finish line?

All these questions will be answered next Saturday when I check in and get my race packet and t-shirt.

So until then... Cara, stop stressing about things!!

Oh, and I lost 1.4 lbs at weigh in this morning!! Yay!!!

I've lost 1.4 lbs before SO many times. And I've lost these same 1.4 lbs SO many times before. I don't want to lose these same 1.4 lbs ever again. I'm so tired of losing these same 1.4 lbs. I've got to get that in my head and get focused. I'm so sick of losing and losing and still being 20-30 lbs away from goal. It's very tiring.

Oh, and one more thing... I won another case of Chobani yogurt. Can you believe that??!! I love LOVE Twitter!!



jinxxxygirl said...

Just a couple things.

First congrats on the 1.4 lost! Yeah! :)

Don't forget to taper this week. Less mileage each day and probable no running for a couple days before the race.

Any half marathon or marathon i've looked at had shutoff times posted. Usually its 4 hours for the half marathon and 7hours for the full marathon. You have to do it within those times to get your medal.

You might bring some of your own water or sports drink or whatever as some of the water stations might close down as time passes.

And above all cara have fun......By the way is this the Austin Marathon??? I did the half marathon there two years ago. If so, its got a few hills especially right near the end. So save some of your mojo for that. Jinx!

screwdestiny said...

Congrats on the loss! Good luck with your marathon! I'm sure you'll do great.

--cara said...

jinxxxygirl, the marathon is in Gainesville, FL. It starts on the U of F campus.