Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Viola! She came back from the dissappearing act...

Wow, here I sit, 2 weeks since my last blog post.


I think I've been a little... well, maybe alot, apathetical lately. (Yes, I think I just made up that word.) I think, more than that, I've been stuck. Not just in my weight loss. In my life.

My work has been HORRENDOUSLY horrible lately, and each day it just seems to get worse. My department functions best with a 6-person team. It functions minimally with a 5-person team. We're now down to 3. The word "overworked" has taken on entirely new meanings for me lately. And the worst part is that it is effecting the rest of my life.

I actually yelled at my mother-in-law the other day. She's the absolute SWEETEST person and I totally snapped her head off.

I went to my boss the other day and told her I just can't take it any longer. I'm no quitting. I just told her that I simply can not go on like this any longer. Something has to change.

She's working on it.

But in the mean time, life is still rough for me. For all 3 of us in the department.

And I know this is effecting my weight loss. Heck, its effecting the rest of my life, why not weight loss too. Three weeks ago I gained 3 pounds. Two weeks ago I lost 2/10ths. And last week I gained 2/10ths. I know its the stress.

I've been taking strides to try and combat it and I'm hoping it's helping.

Like, for example, I did something last night I've never done in my life before... I played racquetball. That's not me in the picture, but I'm sure I had a few moves like that last night. WHAT a BLAST!!

We're going again tonight. Hubby used to be an avid racquetball player. So now I'm learning. And what a workout!! I'm sore in places I haven't been sore in in many many years. The weird thing is I'm sore in my gluteus maximus.

What a mental break, too. I had SO much fun!!! Can't wait to go back there again!

Oh, and guess what else I've been up to?

15 miles!

I ran 15 straight miles this past Sunday!

The marathon is 11 days. Yikes!!! So be thinking about me on Valentine's day. I'll be the one huffing and puffing their way to the finish line.

I'm sure I won't finish in under 7 hours. Can you imagine running for 7 hours straight?? I can't. I can't even imagine what my body is going to do after 7 hours of straight running. Kinda scary to think about.

But I'm totally looking forward to it.

Oh, by the way, thanks Blueraspberry for emailing me with your concerns. It got me motivated to blog again. I just love you guys. You keep me on the straight and narrow. I tell you, blogging is the absolute BEST!! Don't you agree??



spunkysuzi said...

Blogging has kept me sane many a time!! I love it :) And i'm so glad to see you back posting again.

screwdestiny said...

First of all--15 MILES! Holy crap! You are AMAZING! People who run marathons are seriously incredible to me because running for an hour makes me tired, let alone running for seven (or more). Good luck with your marathon!

And also, I SUCK at racquetball but do have a fun time playing it. That's cool that you found a new activity you enjoy.

jinxxxygirl said...

Well i 'll tell you what Cara to be doing a marathon in 11 days and to have already done a 15 mile run you can't be doing too shabby in the exercise dept. Give yourself a break. As Fatty McButter pants would say 'Step away from the bat!' Seems work is tough on everybody lately. The motto is do more with less people. Uuugh! Hugs and best wishes on your marathon girly! I can't even imagine running that long! Jinx!

DegreeFinders said...

When you feel overwhelmed it's easy to lose interest in things, and to lose the energy needed to meet weight loss goals. I hope you find a way to keep life stress in balance.

For me, working out helps me de-stress. Maybe you can use it in your life as a stress reducer too.

Best wishes.

MaryFran said...

KUDOS! You have turned your stress toward exercise rather than toward food! Great great great job!!!!

Sheilagh (60 x60) said...

Glad you are back, 15 miles is Amazing Good luck with the marathon. I am so in awe of marathon runners..

Anonymous said...

Will no doubt have to call in the favour at some point along the road. :)