Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm a "foodie"...

I've been thinking alot about food lately. I mean, a LOT.

I sit at work all day dreaming about food. I keep wondering what this or that would taste like. I'll even smell different types of food throughout the day that simply isn't there.

Like, I'll smell steak. Or Cheetos. Or cake. Or string cheese. ... Weird, huh?

And then I get home and think about food even more.

And being on this "diet" doesn't help matter much, because I always have to be thinking about (planning) what I'm going to eat next. And then once I've figured it out, I can't wait until I can eat it.

Remember when you were in school and class was over at 3:45 and it was 3:00 and it seemed like the clock had stopped? Every 2 seconds you'd be looking at the clock wondering why it wasn't moving any faster.

That's how I am all day long. I keep looking at the clock saying "is it time to eat yet?"

Food is all I can think of.

I even dream in food.

The other night I had a perfectly random dream that had absolutely nothing at all to do with food, but I'll be darned if the ground wasn't made of gum drops!

I keep telling myself that everything will be okay and I'll be normal if I can just stop obsessing over food.

But I can't get it out of my head.

Like just a few minutes ago I was thinking about what I ate last Saturday and planning what I was going to eat this coming Saturday. Random, huh?

One of the tools in Weight Watchers is to be prepared whenever you're heading into a social situation where you'll be eating at a restaurant. They say to either go online or stop by the restaurant before hand so you can see the menu and plan what you're going to eat so you won't be side swiped by all of the yumminess on them menu.

Well, I've been doing that my whole life! Nothing new there. We'd make a plan to go out to a particular restaurant and my mind would race over the imaginary menu in my head. What would I eat? Man! I'd have it all planned out WAY before I got to the restaurant.

So that was a "tool" I didn't have to worry about learning.

But now, I still do the same thing, but now I try to think of all the healthy things on the menu. That's a good thing, right? But I'm still doing the basic same thing, obsessing over food.

I swear, if you guys could see all of the food thoughts that go through my head all day long, every minute of the day, you'd be shocked. Not a minute goes by in my day that I'm not thinking about some sort of food.

So what do I do with that? How can I NOT obsess over food? How can I break my life-long habit of thinking about food my every waking moment?



MizFit said...

while I could write a book in response this made me think of two things in particular.

harness it and use to your advantage (have you read BORN ROUND? check it out!!).


step back and assess (and I really dont know since im not in your hear :)) is it about the food? do you TRULY ENJOY THE FOOD?
it may not be a problem then in a way.

one of my gave Geneen Roth quotes (paraphrasing) is the notion that when we binge and say BUT I LOVE TO EAT---it isnt true. if we love something we savor it.

it sounds to me from this post as thought you do, indeed, SAVOR AND ENJOY.

hope that helps at all.


MARSIAL2010 said...

Dreaming about gum drops? How tantalizingly bizarre! Your post might have been funny if I hadn't been there myself a few years I understand how maddening and even painful it is to obsess about food all of the time. I think that obsess is the word you need to use instead of "think about." Then read as much as you can about obsessive behavior (not your fault -- it's all in your brain chemistry, my dear). I've posted before that when I went through menopause, it was as though a switch had been pulled in my brain. My food obsession abruptly ended, I no longer cared about chocolate and sugar, and I finally got the ice cream monkey off of my back.

Anonymous said...

There's people that specialize in helping people with this kinda thing. I don't remember what they're called though. They'll help you take a thought and turn it into something else. Crap, I wish I could remember the name of it. It's a type of therapy I know that much. Lol, I feel slow...

Kimberlynn said...

I know that for me when I'm thinking and dreaming about food all the time, it's because I'm not satisfied with what I'm eating. Are you feeling deprived?

Just food for thought (sorry...pun intended):)


Lori Ann said...

No advice. I am exactly in this spot myself, obsessed with food.

I feel like I am getting it more under control every day, though.

At least we recognise it!! LOL

Tummy Tuck said...

To be honest, I think it is normal. I used to think that I was addicted to food myself, having breathed, slept and getting tortured by food. But I soon found that the more I thought about it, the more am likely to succumb, so I kept myself busy. Thankfully, I got used to thinking about food, and just thinking about it :)

MaryFran said...

Ohhh, I doubt that I would be much shocked at how much you think about food. I'm right there with you. I literally am already thinking about my next meal (even if it's a healthy one) as I'm chewing the final bites on the current meal. Food is first and foremost in my mind!

And like you, I wish I could break the cycle. I do think more about healthy food and how to be healthy and make healthier choices...but I"m still obsessing!

Nicki said...

Hi Cara! I just started following your blog after I decided to post my weight loss attempts on mine. My weight loss isn't as ambitious as yours but it seems we both have the same attachment to food! I wish you success in your brave journey!!!

Sarah @ Weight Loss Tips said...

Instead of food think about the exercise :) I was like you, always thinking about food, at work, in front of computer, at home while reading... but I changed my life and now I'm doing a lot of exercises, especially morning. I go running every morning. I like it a lot. And at work I'm just thinking about it, how good will be the next morning when I will go running again :D:D

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Serena said...

When intake is restricted, even psychologically, the body/brain starts obsessing over food. Can't help you much, same thing happens to me!

medical equipment said...

you seem to have a rather unhealthy obsession with food. food is good but perhaps you need some time with boring food :)

Charli said...

Enjoyed reading through your blog! Would love for you to check out my journey!