Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend eating is gonna be my downfall...

So how did you guys do last week? Were you able to only eat when you were hungry? Or did the munchies win (again)?

I guess I'm doing pretty good when it comes to the boredom eating, but the weekends are still killing me.

Weekend before last, the 4th of July (LONG) weekend, really did me in. I ate and ate and ate. I couldn't stop myself. Well, actually, I didn't want to. I was completely in control and knew exactly what I was doing and loved every minute of it. Well, that is until I was done eating. Then I hated myself.

The worst was on Monday when we went to the Texas Roadhouse and I had cheese fries. On my way there, I was planning what I would eat. Cheese fries was not an option. I knew I'd already eaten WAY too much on Saturday and Sunday and I needed to get back in control. I even talked it over with hubby and we were both on the same page--no cheese fries!

Then... when it came time to order, I just blurted it out. Hubby said "what?" and then that loving "Cara...". I looked him straight in the eyes and said "it's okay, I know what I'm doing".

The worst part was how greasy they were. But did that stop me from eating them? No! When we were driving home afterwards I was so dern mad at myself! I felt so awful. My stomach, no, my heart, yes. I felt like I'd just betrayed myself.

I'm really hoping one of these days I'm going to be able to win the battle against the food. I love it so dearly and it makes me feel so special. 

Grated, I'm not NEARLY as bad about eating as I used to be. Man, to think of all the crap I would eat and the amount of it--regularly. I've come SUCH a long way since those days. But I still haven't won the battle entirely. What is it they say "you may have won the battle but you haven't won the war yet.". That's me.

I actually gained 5 whole pounds over the course of 3 small days.

I fought and fought and got all but 4/10ths of it off. Whew!

This past weekend I did a LOT better. I'm still up a couple of pounds but I'm sure they'll be off in the next day or two.

But on the flip side, I really did with not eating unless I was hungry. It's so darn hard in the evenings, isn't it?? Man!! It's like the munchies monster is there hiding behind the couch waiting for me to sit down. He lurks around the house, just waiting for me to slow down for a minute, then he pounces! AAAhhhh!!!

So how did you guys do?



Jessica said...

I always seem to slack on the weekends and kick myself on Sunday night. Then I am 100% on plan for Monday-Thursday usually. I fixed that by putting my weigh in on Monday. So, usually I just slack on Saturday and am on plan Sunday. It works for me.

And I know how you feel. I too haven't won the war yet. I don't know if I ever will.

Well Good Luck! (:

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

I know that I have a major weakness for munchies and especially sweets and desserts. I would eat them for meals! Right now eating on the Medifast plan totally helps take away those cravings which is saving me right now... but when I start to transition and then go into maintenance and introduce more foods into my diet, I will have to deal with those cravings again. I am preparing myself NOW and hope to be able to keep it at bay and use some of the same kinds of foods I am now to satisfy that beast inside. :)

I admire those who fight that beast on a daily basis and work to stay in control... good for you! It's not easy.


spunkysuzi said...

I was doing great this weekend until today. Yep i gave into the craving today :(

MaryFran said...

I could have written this post. Ohhh yeah. I loved the paragraph that said "I ate and ate and ate. I couldn't stop myself. Well, actually, I didn't want to. I was completely in control and knew exactly what I was doing and loved every minute of it. Well, that is until I was done eating. Then I hated myself." Ohhhh how that really struck a chord with me.

As for the cheese fries. My most memorable experience with that voice out of nowhere was bread. A waitress forgot to bring the bread basket and my husband and I sat at our table happy and talking about how it was a good thing. The waitress walked back and I blurted out "can you bring us some bread". I don't know where that voice came from...but it was definitely mine!

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Blue~ said...

You ever thought - that its not always about changing what you eat - its about changing what you do?

As I was reading your post and you talked about the evening munchies - it struck me that we try and change our eating without changing the situations we eat in. If you are in a routine - of say sitting eating while watching TV, then each time you sit to watch, you will want to eat. Isnt that so? You have two choices -- struggle not to eat -- or dont sit down in the first place. Maybe its also about changing routines so that we dont fall into old traps. WAs just a thought.

Donna B said...

Have stayed within the same two pounds gained and lost the past three months and have had enough of it! Seems I give myself free rein on the weekends and work all week to lose those pounds. I need to make a change. Interesting to read others do the same as well! Keep up the good work! I can't wiat until you are at GOAL! Ihave been following you, seems we are so much alike!

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Tummy Tuck said...

I think that you should really keep busy during weekends, that's really one of the ways that I was able to beat my cravings during those days when I was out of the office and all. It's primarily boredom :)