Saturday, May 7, 2011

Is it normal to gain 4 pounds in a week?

Better yet, is it normal to gain 7 pounds in one weekend??

I tell you, I could gain those 100 pounds that I lost back SO SO easy. Without even thinking twice about it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna. But for me, whenever I don't cut back on my eating, I will gain. I don't even have to overeat or go overboard. I can just eat regular food, regular portions and at regular meal times and boom I can gain 2 pounds a day.

What's up with that?

Last weekend I ate regular food both days. And by "regular" I mean, not "light" or "reduced fat" or half portions or anything like that. I just ate.

Come Monday morning, I'd gained 7 pounds.

What the heck!?

There was talk today in Weight Watchers about what to do after you reach goal. They say they adjust your daily points plus allowances to you stop losing weight and start maintaining.

Heck, I've been maintaining for so many years, now, I don't think I'll need to adjust my points when--OR IF--I ever in my lifetime reach goal.

At this point, I think it's a grand illusion to think that I'll every--EVER--reach goal.

Goal was a mere 3.5 pounds away last September. Now... goal is 20 pounds away!


I don't even know what to type next after that horrible realization.


I've been doing relatively good over the past couple of months. Steady going down. It just breaks my heart that I can have one frivolous weekend--not even an all and all out food fest or anything crazy like that--and gain as much as I did.

Luckily I was able to get 3 of those pounds off, but officially, I weighed in this morning posting a 4 pound gain.

I'm so disgusted.



Karen@WaistingTime said...

So frustrating! I've done something similar so many times. Hang in there.

Laura said...

Don't feel this way. You know people have their ups and downs and it's the same way with weight. You sometimes have to give yourself credit and eat and then next day get back on track.
Keep up the good work!

Have Mercy! Killer Reviews said...

I know how that feels. =( But you can do it! You're already doing so well. Great job!

Ellie said...

I know exactly how this feels. I am used to seeing my weight fluctuate 1 to 3 lbs a day but I was super curious about the phenomia so I did a small experiment on sunday.

Saturday morning I weighed 154.4, then Sunday morning I weighed 153.4. Later on Sunday before I went to bed I weighted 157.6!!! (4lbs wtf???) and then when I woke up on Monday I weighed 154.4 again. I gained 4 lbs during the day and then mysteriously lost it overnight.

How does that even work. I know there is some other formula to weightloss other then calories in - calories out. I wish I could get a handle on it.

The best advice I can offer you is stick with a good healthy diet and drink a good amount of water. Your body is working, and you will eventually see the results. Just don't give up!

Anonymous said...

Cara, I stumbled on this blog while doing reasearch for a meeting tonight. I own a weight loss company here in Canada. I had a lot of struggles with heaviest I was 225lbs and now am 150lbs. It has taken 2 years to get to this weight and I did it all with changing the way I was eating and exercise. I noticed in your post that you talk about eating "light" and half portions...I just wanted to offer some advice if you don't mind...make sure you are not cutting calories too much. You should google BMR calculator and ensure you are consuming enough calories for your body to function properly. If you are cutting too many calories than when you do eat normal portions your body will hold all of your calories as fat because it needs to store it for future energy. It's not all about how many calories or points you are's about WHAT you are eating...I understand that sometimes you want to eat foods that are lower in points but a lot of healthier foods, even though they are higher in points are better for your body and actually help your body burn fat. You can't live life obsessed with the numbers on a scale...if you replace 1 lb of fat with 1 lb of muscle your body is smaller and thinner but the scale still weighs the same. I hope this helps a little. Good luck and stop beating yourself is about being don't want to look back and realize you wasted time obsessing over points or weight...learn how to make healthier choices by choosing foods that are good for you and stop worrying about how many points they are. Watch the "light" and "low fat" foods...they have a lot of hidden sugar and salt...stay away from foods made from margerine...stick to foods that your body can utilize...butter may have more fat so use it in least your body knows how to breakdown natural foods. I hope some of this're doing great...congrats on the weight loss...:)

Losing It said...

I'm on WW too, and I completely understand! I'm actually working on losing weight for my wedding right now and let me tell you I wish I had never gained the weight to begin with. I've lost 30 lb with weight watchers but only have 6 weeks left and am still 30-40 lb away from my goal. you should check out my blog, hope it can help motivate you a little.

Girl Friday... I mean Foody. said...

I can gain easy too and have. I swear I can look at something fried and I gain a pound, poof just like that. It can be so frustrating and seem so unfair. Hang in there, you've come so far. You'll get that 4 pounds back off. My Best.

Sarah said...

I came across your site it. I have gained 40 pounds after having my 3rd child and can't get it off. I started my weight loss journey 4 days ago. Lawd help me it's hard.
Thanks for being such an inspiration!

samiam4eva06 said...

Aw Cara, I am so sorry that you are down tonight. Cheer up missy! You have done an amazing job of loosing 100 pounds, if you can do that, then these 4 lbs will def come off!

MaryFran said...

I sure hope it's normal...because that same week that you wrote this, I gained 6 pounds in one week!

Heatherface said...

I found this blog through Google so this is the only entry of yours I've read so far, but that kind of gain tells me you're ingesting WAY too much salt. Eating light or watching calories is one thing, but are you paying attention to the sodium amount in the foods you eat? Seven pounds in one weekend, I don't want to say that's abnormal or unhealthy, but that's not good. Try drinking more water and I bet you'll lose it almost as quick as you gained it.

paul said...

I think it is normal as long as what you eat is healthy. Always take what's necessary for your health.

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Gordon said...

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself. Try to focus more on eating healthy and loss on checking the scale all the time. Hope this helps. said...

Instead of having to grumble at the punishing routines and pointless deprivation, you actually feel uplifted and full of life as the weight you lose actually stays off - forever.

maddy said...

I suggest weighing yourself one day each week, preferrably in the morning right when you wake up after you've used the restroom..

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siryoz0 said...

Before learning how to lose weight quickly, you need to ask how bad you want to achieve your goal. Having a strong will is the only way you will be able to successfully pass through this path and out the other side.

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Sara said...

After you have a cheat day, as I refer to it as, your weight is gonna fluctuate. Just don't weight yourself the next morning as this would only delay your progress, physically and mentally.

Wendy said...


I know you are frustrated, and I hope this doesn't insult you, but I am SO SO SO grateful for your honesty. I have been so disgusted with my own weight lately and it just helps to see I am not alone.

Your comments also reinforce to me: there is no easy way out, Wendy. You have to drink more water, cut out the bread, write down your points each day, and exercise. And THAT's just for starters. I am rereading my WW material...starting all over.

UGH. I look like I'm four months pregnant with my little pooch. BUT I WEIGH 10 LBS MORE THAN I DID WHEN I HAD CHRISTOPHER!

Thanks for being honest. And thanks for sticking with it...regardless of the ups and downs, you keep getting up the next day and putting your efforts into what you know works.

Thank you.