Saturday, July 9, 2011

"Dear God, Please help me lose weight..."

The second week of the "Made to Crave" class was nice. I'm still not connecting with the other ladies at my table, though. I'm thinking of switching tables next week. I don't want to be rude to the ladies I'm with now. It's just frustrating me. Or maybe it's not them, maybe it's me. (In case I didn't mention it, the format of the class is a 20-minute DVD from the author then we break into small groups and go over the discussion topics in the study companion book.)

So last Thursday, I mentioned my feelings, to everyone, about how I find it so foreign to ask God to help me lose weight. My prayer sounds so shallow to me: "Dear God, I know there are children in my country who are being bought and sold into sexual slavery, I know there are elderly who are being abused and tortured by their caregivers, and I know there are serial killers out there right now preying on their unsuspecting victims, but if you wouldn't mind, could you help me lose a pound this week?"

I'm just not getting it.

I didn't put it quite like that in the class, but I did tell them that I just am not comfortable asking God to help me lose weight and they came back with the standard answers (answers I'd probably give to someone who said what I said)--"Our body is the temple of God and we need to take care of it" ... "We need to take EVERYTHING to God, not matter how trivial we might think it is."

But here's the thing. I already take everything to God, no matter how big or small. And as for the temple of God thing, I think this temple is pretty healthy already. I don't have any health issues. I can participate in just about any sporting event I want to and feel good doing it. I'm only 30-50 pounds overweight, I'm no longer obese. In my opinion, this temple doesn't need much attending to in order for it to be a great place for Him to dwell.

Which brings me to my point: I feel like if I ask God to help me lose weight, it's a superficial request. His temple is in great shape. By most standards, I'm the epitome of health. I just don't like the way I look and feel in my clothes. I don't like looking down and seeing flabby, dimpled thighs staring back up at me. I don't like the squishy fat I have clinging to my sides like a half deflated intertube. I don't like that I'm a size 14/16, I want to be a size 10.

These things all feel so superficial to me. Not godly or holy requests.

I don't know how to get past this.

I know, "pray about it," you say. Well, I am. I just haven't found clarity on the subject yet.

Do you guys have any advice for me?


Stephanie said...

Cara, I can completely relate. I feel stronger when I reach out to God about my weightloss, but I feel like it is a selfish thing to ask for when there is so much else that is "more important". I have a few requests like this, that I feel guilty for asking Him of. In the end I feel like the best I have felt is asking for discipline over what I am eating or doing to my body. I realized it wasn't so much about asking to lose weight--it was about the discipline of the situation and not letting the devil get the best of me. I want to be healthy and happy and I want to please Him. Good luck! I am still working hard to get over my plateau. :( God bless!

Lisa said...

Only you know what is right to ask. Your heart may be in a different place than someone else. I love about this post that you point out the blessings you already have such as being able to do things. So many others are still praying just to be able to walk as I was last year. I find that I ask God for strenth to do what he wants me to do according to His plan. :)

- Lisa

Willow said...

Do you feel that if you are thinner you will be better able to serve God? If so, than you should certainly be praying to him about it. It isn't selfish. If this extra weight is keeping you from his will than whether it's 20 pounds or two hundred pounds, he wants to help you so you can better serve him.
Taking time to ask God to care for your problem, however small, does not take his time away from other more important things. Our God is limitless! He can handle it.

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same feelings as you did! I lost over 100 pounds without ever praying or asking God for help. I put 10 pounds back on and read the Made to Crave book. There is a portion of the book (maybe you haven't gotten there yet?) where the author talks about wishing for a different trial in her life. She says something to the effect of God, in His infinite wisdom, gave her this challenge to bring her closer to Him. That really struck a chord with me. It does seem like an odd thing to pray for, but I have started to do it and have noticed a HUGE difference in my life.

Holly said...

I have thought a lot about what you wrote because I too have thought the same things. What it boils down to though is if the weight you still have to lose is a stumbling block to you in ANY way then it is ABSOLUTELY important to God and is a big deal to him.So even if you don't HAVE to lose anymore for health reasons, it's a mind issue and therefore is a stumbling block to us.
Thank you for your honesty, our journeys are so similiar.

Wendy said...

Hi Cara,

I know I only dip into this site every once in a blue moon, so I have not been working through issues with you on all fronts, but I do so love dipping in now and then...especially to get motivation to move forward on my own journey to lose weight. I hope you are okay with the infrequency.

This thought came to mind when I read this post: I have taken a Bible Study by Freeda Bowers where she shares a time when God challenged her to pray only for others for 40 days. Not to pray any of her needs, only for others' specific needs. She was reminded of scriptures that said God would take care of all her needs.

I know this tool helps me at times when I am worrying about something or anxious about something. I pray for someone else who may be struggling with the same concern I have. It takes my mind off my problem and helps someone else too, all at the same time!

Hope this doesn't sound overly sappy spiritual. It's not meant that way. Just sharing a tool that's helped many areas, not just on the subject of trying to lose weight.

I pray this phase of your questioning helps you draw closer to God...cuz He ADORES you!!!

Thanks so much for your transparency.


Anonymous said...

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diest hcg drops said...

Strong will, happy thoughts and God will help you, just keep up, you have support of all your friends.

mahi said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't feel bad asking God for help. Weight loss is one of the hardest battles a person can face. You can quit smoking, drinking, almost anything, but you can't quit food. Pray for strength for facing the challenges of weight loss. It is a life long battle and we all need some help getting there.

Big Girl said...

I totally understand. I used to cringe at those religious workout programs. However, we are supposed to go to him with everything, but instead of asking him to help me lose a pound or two, my prayer is to help me not give into temptation and be a glutton. My prayer is to always nip the temptation in the bud and then the weight-loss shall come!

Anonymous said...

I agree with with Big Girl said, get to the root of the matter.

KBass said...

I too, struggle with feeling that my issues are not as important as other peoples issues. However, I have learned that God wants a real relationship with me and that includes talking to Him about all of my wants and needs. He thinks I am important! How awesome is that!?! The premise of this book is to turn to Him instead of "other" fillers. To crave Him above all...and to love ourselves, flab, cellulite and all.


MissKellyB said...

I am on my journey to health and happiness as well. I am doing a vlong on if you would like :)

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG said...

This is true. Bring your problems to God and He will answer.

Green Mountain Realty said...

Cara, I find I must ask for God to help me in all aspects of my life today, thank you so much for the encouragement.

Pockets said...

Hi honey, I know how you feel. Last night at church the sermon was on asking God for things but then not really trusting him to answer. God is a god of all sizes of miracles and what you need to do is to pray believing God can do this. Nothing is too big or SMALL for God.

weight loss said...

praying is a good way to start, but you would definitely need more than that to get rid of those extra flab, all you need to do is to work out and continue with your diet.

Anonymous said...

Strong will, happy thoughts and God will help you,if you help yourself.
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TK Moshi said...

Don't give up, persist! Heard about this book 'Eat to Live' ? You can find it on Amazon. Great book on eating food for better living and weight loss. Good luck :)


milly said...

Your words tuch to my heart.

milly said...

I forget to say thank you, for the moment of thinking with myself.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cara and other (sisters?),

I think we can ask God for help, even it's for looking better.
As long as we put God above all things, I think it's okay.
Losing weight with God is better than losing weight on your own.. it might overtake you and that will become the most important for you.