Tuesday, August 26, 2008

back from vacation and still on course...

Well, I'm finally back from vacation.


I sure do miss WV!! ...and my mom!

We got back late Sunday night, drove 14 hours straight. Hit a bad rain storm about 4 hours from home and it lasted until we got home! Ugh! It got so bad that at several points we had to slow down to 40-45 mph and turn our emergencies on so the cars around us could see us. I hate driving in the rain! I hate driving after dark worse! But I absolutely hate driving in the rain after dark!!!

There was one bad accident where an SUV had flipped over and was laying on it's side, with the top facing traffic, in the middle of the storm. It looked like everyone was okay, though. They were all standing in the median with the cops. I'll bet it was horrible, though!

But we're safe and sound and home sweet home!

So it's back to work, exercise and the daily grind again.

I was supposed to go biking yesterday and this morning but I couldn't find the energy to do it. We walked all over God's green earth while I was up there and my legs were so darn sore when I got back. They're still aching a bit. Tomorrow I'll start walking with the girls again, though. Then again on Thursday and I'll bike again on Friday. Back in the ole routine.

I was surprisingly good while I was on vacation. I actually lost a pound after the first few days and then by the end of the week I was up 3 pounds but by the time I got back home it had all come back off and I'm now down another pound. Just hope I can hold that pound off until Saturday's weigh in.

I thought I'd share with you two last photos from vacation.

This first one shows the massive stairs (and believe me this is only a small portion of them) that we had to walk down (AND BACK UP) to get to the 3rd waterfall.

This was my viewpoint from standing directly under the waterfall looking up.

I need to visit each of your blogs to get updates on your weight loss. Sorry it's out of date. I'll update it tomorrow.

Challenge Update! - Week Six (updates in bold below)
"18 Pounds in 18 Weeks"

Bento Box Diet (sat WI) -
Gained 3 pounds.
Katschi (tues WI) -
Lost 1.2 pounds.
MaryFran (tues WI) - Down to 178.4 lbs (not sure if that's a loss or gain)

(mon WI) -
Lost 4.4 pounds. Woo Hoo!!! What a loss!!
Donna (mon WI) - Lost .9 pound
Spunkysuzi (sun WI) - Lost 1.6 pounds
(fri WI) - Hasn't weighed-in in 3 weeks :(



spunkysuzi said...

Oh i had a bad week and i'm up 2.4 lbs!!
Glad you had a great vacation and welcome home ;)

Donna said...

I only lost .4 this week, though I sure do wish it was .9

Glad you got home safe, I don't like driving in the rain either, it can be scary!!! Good job on the weight loss this week!

Donna B said...

The photos are GORGEOUS! SOunds like you have had a nice relaxing (but full of exercise) vacation. Glad you are back safe and sound. Keep up the good work.

JC said...

Hey Cara, I visit your mom's site regularly. I'm glad your home safe and sound. I think y'all when right through all that Fay mess. We dealt with it Monday & Tuesday. I know your mom misses you. I'm not part of your 18 lb in 18 wks but one of my goals is to lose one lb a week and so far I've lost 5.4 in the past 3 weeks.

Glad your back in your routine, no more West Virginia hot dogs for you. Grace and blessings.