Friday, August 15, 2008

i'm finally going on vacation...

I just wanted to post a quick note telling you that I'm not sure how consistent my blogging is going to be for the next 9 days. I'm going on vacation for the first time in over 5 years. Woo H00!!! I'm going to my mom's house, up in the mountains. She has internet, but it's dial up so I'm not sure what my patience will be with that. So we'll see.

But if I don't get a chance to post something new over the next 9 days, I'll still be thinking about you guys and hoping you're doing great on your 18 Pounds in 18 Weeks challenge. You've been doing great so far!! Donna and MaryFran keep biking in my honor. I won't be able to bike next week. They only have dirt roads in them there mountains. Although my mom has alot of outdoor activities planned that should substitute, although, let's face it, there is no substitute for bicycling now is there? :)

I'm bummed because I didn't get to go on a bike ride this morning. We're leaving out early tomorrow morning so I went to WW this morning to WI. I lost 1.2 pounds! Hallelujah!!!

I'm back on track, now. I've got 11.4 pounds to go and there are still 13 WI's between now and Thanksgiving. So I'm still doing good.

You guys have fun, but not too much fun without me. I'm so excited about my vacation!!!

Challenge Update! - Week Five (updates in bold below)
"18 Pounds in 18 Weeks"

Bento Box Diet (sat WI) -
Gained 3 pounds.
Katschi (tues WI) -
Lost 1.2 pounds.
MaryFran (tues WI) - Down to 178.4 lbs (not sure if that's a loss or gain)

(mon WI) -
Lost .6 pound.
Donna (mon WI) - Lost .9 pound
Spunkysuzi (sun WI) - Lost 1.6 pounds
(fri WI) - Hasn't weighed in in 2 weeks :(



spunkysuzi said...

Way to go on the nice loss this week ;) We'll miss you, but have a great visit!!
I'm down .8 this week ;)

Felicia said...

Welcome to the Healthy You Challenge!

Have a wonderful week!