Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another first... In a BIG way!!!

Well, I had another first today...

For the first time in my live long life, I took a spin class!!

I've wanted to take a spin class since I first started Weight Watchers 3 1/2 years ago. I either belonged to a gym that didn't offer spin classes or we just didn't have it in the budget to belong to a gym. But finally...

Hubby's work offered a gym membership to Lifestyles Family Fitness for $30 a month! What a bargain, huh?!

So the first thing we did (being as we just signed up yesterday) was met with a personal trainer (first 3 sessions are free, of course) to assess our workout needs and create a plan. That was this morning at 6am. Yes, 6am. I have not seen 6am since last January when I was training for my marathon.

The trainer was sweet and very helpful. Tomorrow morning we're going back to do some actual work outs (or at least learn how to do them).

But when we got the tour around the place yesterday, I noticed their schedule showed TONS of spinning classes. That was top on my list of things to do once we joined.

So the first class was today at 6pm. So I hurried home, lightening fast, from work (I work 2.2 miles from home), changed, and scrambled to the gym (1 mile from home). Got there 5 minutes early and there was only 2 bikes empty. Yikes! I almost missed my first spin class. I think I would have cried if that had happened.

So the instructor asked if there were any first-timers in the class. Me and two other people raised our hand--the brave ones. I had no clue what I was doing. She was nice and helped me adjust my bike while everyone else was warming up.

Then it began.

Oh the torture!

I've always heard how brutal spin classes are. And every word I heard was true.

I thought I had died and gone to hell.

My legs hurt so bad. She kept saying "you feel that burn? That's the lactic acid. Push through it. If it's not burning, you're not doing it right.". Well, obviously I was doing it right because it sure burned. And after a while, I was so weak in the legs. I was past the burn part and my legs were just plain spaghetti noodles.

But I didn't stop. I pushed through to the end.

You should have seen me walking down the stairs after the class was over. I mean, who's genius idea was it to put the spin class on the 2nd floor of the gym???!!! I mean, really!

I didn't think I was gonna make it down. I'm sure I look pathetic. And then when I made it outside, I stepped off the curb to head for my car and I thought I was gonna face plant into the pavement. My knees just about gave out on me.

Man, what a workout!!

I can't wait to do that again!

Tomorrow night, I'm trying another first... Zumba! Have you guys ever done a spin class or Zumba?



Matt & Jenn said...

You go girl! I've been doing spin at the Y. I'm planning on going tomorrow morning. I've also done Zumba at the Y. Zumba is a lot of fun if you just let yourself go and don't worry about how you look. I actually burn a lot of calories in that class and it doesn't really feel like a workout. I've checked out the Lifestyles and we almost changed our membership because they offer my hubby a discount too, but it's an extra 10 minute drive for me in the opposite way of everywhere I go in the day, so I probably wouldn't end up going as much. I already have a hard enough time motivating myself to get to the Y!

I hope to start coming back to WW soon (in Sept or Oct). I haven't had an open Saturday morning in quite a while because we've just always got something going on, and that's the only meeting time that works for me because I can't bring the kids. Keep up the good work and tell Ned I said 'hi'!


Laurie said...

I LOVE Zumba!!! Been doing it for about a year!! I actually took my first spin class a couple weeks ago. I had been wanting to do it for a while, but was too chicken. I'm glad I went. I enjoyed it. I loved keeping pace to the music. Have fun in Zumba! Remember it takes a few classes to really get the hang of it. Don't worry if it feels like EVERYONE knows what they're doing. You'll get there!

screwdestiny said...

Yes, Spinning is SUCH an amazing workout and so invigorating! The entire time (at least when you first start) you're feeling like you're about to die but then afterward you're like, "I DID IT!!" Haha, at least that's how I was... Anyway, congrats on getting through your first class! Another great thing about Spinning is you will get stronger, and your stamina will increase, but it will always be hard because you'll just constantly pedal faster/increase resistance/go longer, so it never stops giving you a great workout.

thinspired said...

My mom LOVES spinning. She keeps telling me to try one of those classes, but I'm so nervous about it because I've heard how intense it is.

But Zumba is GREAT!! You'll LOVE it!! It's so much fun & you can't even tell you're working out!!


Miz said...

GO YOU on the spinning!!!

I took one.
sans padded shorts.
and I quit halfway through :)

go me?

Karen@WaistingTime said...

When the weather turns colder I will give up biking outside and go back to cycling class. I love it (and I hate it). It is harder than my outdoor rides! And if you are saddle sore today, don't worry, it goes away eventually. (I use a padded seat cushion and padded shorts.) I tried zumba on a recent vacation and felt very uncoordinated, but it would be nice to mix things up.

Lisa said...

Sounds like a great workout! Good for you!