Wednesday, September 10, 2008

thank goodness it's friday...

You know I feel so awful, but my favorite WW buddy (besides hubby) met goal weekend before last and I totally blew it off. I meant to mention it here on my blog to tell her congratulations and way to go, but I blew it. Well, at least I remembered, right?

So here's to you, Jen, CONGRATULATIONS! And, WAY TO GO!

You can check out her blog, here. Leave her a congratulations for me, will you? She started WW the week before I did. So we've been doing this together through the whole journey.

Went biking again this morning. I really wasn't motivated, but I went out any way. I was going to take a different route, kinda getting board with the same ole routes I keep taking (oh, I hope this boredom doesn't continue, boredom is what caused me to stop walking last fall) but I talked myself out of it because I don't know what the sidewalks are like and I don't know if there's going to be good enough lighting or how bad the cross street traffic will be. I'll have to check it out after dark one day to make sure of all this before I head out there.

I got about 20 minutes into my ride and really felt like turning around and coming back home. I was so bored. But then I started thinking about things... strategizing about different issues and problems in my life... trying to solve things in my head... and before I knew it, I was 10 minutes down the road. So then I thought, that was cool, what else can I concentrate on. So I started focusing on other things and not the ride or how tired I was or how bored I was and wow that made a huge difference. I even started doing math in my head. I like trying to see what different number sequences (like a phone number or social security number, etc.) can add up to 23 (my favorite number since I was in grade school). I found out that the end of the world date (12/21/2012) ads up to 23 (12-21+20+12=23) and found out that my social security number ads up to 26—bummer. Oh, well, you get the drift. You ever drive down the road for a while and then suddenly ask yourself "how did I get here" because you're on autopilot? Well, that's what happened. Man was that cool!

After I got back, I looked at my heart rate monitor and it said I'd burned 645 calories. I excpected as much because I really didn't push myself at all and I didn't go all 12 miles (maybe not even 10 miles). But then I left the monitor on after I got home and after about a half hour of cooling down, my calories burned went up to 732. Not bad. Just sitting at home, watching TV, drinking water, I burned another 87 calories. Sweet!

My weight loss has gone terrific again this week. I'm down another 5 pounds from last Saturday's weigh in. I was curious if I could do it two weeks in a row. Now, granted, I'd gained 5 pounds the week before last, so to drop 5 pounds isn't that bad, but these 5 pounds are new pounds I've never gained before. So I think I'll stop what I'm doing and go back to normal weight loss next week. 5 pounds a week, really isn't good for your body, I know. It's tempting, though, because I've found a combination of very healthy foods and intense exercise for me where I can drop a pound a day. I think I'll just stick this one in my back pocket and keep it for crunch time. I really enjoy the diet, too, because it's so yummy and satisfying. I'll let you know my official weigh in tomorrow.

(Donna B., I get the calories from my heart rate monitor. I'm not exactly sure how it does it, but I guess it takes my heart rate and figures out how many calories would be burned at the different heart rates and then give me a total. I'm not too good with technology. But I like it when I burn lots and lots of calories.)

Have a great Friday!



Donna B said...

Thanks for the update on the use of a heart monitor. I sort of assumed that, but have been trying to figure out Spark People's calories burned riding a road bike vs stationary bike since I odn't have a heart monitor.
Keep up the good work! You should be proud of yourself and your accomplishments!

Jenn said...

Thanks for the mention Cara! It was a pleasant surprise to see that when I checked you blog this afternoon! I've been doing well maintaining so far, except that as of this morning I am down .4 lbs. It's weird to change my mindset out of weight loss. I was happy to see that I was down, but told myself, I need to eat more today so I don't lose any more by tomorrow morning! But yet, I can't eat too much more or I could gain too much! I'm still working out just as much also. Crazy!

JC said...

The end of the world date???? How did you come up with that? I have a hard time chewing gum and walking so I am truly amazed with your mental abilities. If I had a bike it would be all I could do to stay upright. I love your site. I've been visiting but can't remember leaving a message. I visit your Mom's site every day. I feel like she is my friend. Great post. End of the world date? HUMMMM?

Deborah said...

Where'd the end of the world date come from? I've never heard that one before.

Can't you get "the flying teapot" out of bed to bike with you? Actually thinking about that, the "teapot" doesn't need all that exercise. She's skinny enough.

Glad you're sticking with it even if it is boring. Gee, if you lived up here you could walk the falls with me :o)

MizFit said...

tried to comment above but my computer was fighting me.

just a shortsweetDELURKING CONGRATS.

youre doing amazing.


Cara said...

Wow you are doing soo amazing! Love it!