Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two huge victories...

You know, I was so emotionally wrapped up in my last post that I completely forgot to tell you guys about the great news.

Two wonderful things happened to me last week!

#1, I ran! And not only did I run, but I ran 3.75 miles without stopping or walking at all (well, I walked 5 minutes before and after—warm up and cool down). This was last Friday morning. I've NEVER run that far before (except for in high school and that doesn't count cause that was like a million years ago). The furthest I've ever run at one time (without walking breaks) was a mile and a half and that was just last Tuesday. Before that, the most I'd ever run at one time was 3/8ths of a mile (one lap around our neighborhood).

The way I did it was to run extremely slowly. I've been reading Jason's blog "Run4Change" (and chatting with him) lately and his advice was to start slow. So I started about as slow as I could possibly go. If I calculated it right (because I run outside and not on a treadmill), I was doing a 13-minute mile. Pretty slow! But I figure if I want to do this, the only way I'm going to be able to do it is "barely" and by barely I mean start as absolutely slow as possible. So I did.

I hadn't intended on running a 6K (yup, that's what it ended up being, WOW, I still can't believe I did it). I had originally started out telling myself I was going to go around the block 4 times—a mile and a half. I had just done it Tuesday, so I figured that's how I'd start out slow. Then do 4 laps for a few more times (on different days) and then add another lap after that and so on.

But when I got to 4 laps I felt wonderful! So I thought, I'll try another lap and see how I feel. After the 6th lap, I said "okay, Cara, let's go for 8". I think I even said that out loud (thank goodness it was early enough in the morning that no one was around). I figured 8 laps would be 3 miles and I've been wanting to run a 5K since I started this weight loss thing 20 months ago. I really felt good and I knew I could do it. So I did.

But then somewhere along the way, I miscounted my laps and didn't notice until I got home that I'd clicked 10 laps on my heart rate monitor watch rather than 8. So I went an extra three-quarters of a mile and didn't even know it.

I can't wait to do it again!

Oh, and I burned 503 calories! Though I'm not sure how accurate that was because I just learned that you burn different calories according to what heart rate zone you're in and that depends on your age, gender and resting heart rate and I've never input my age or my gender into my heart rate monitor. I have no idea how to even do that. All I know is push butt, start, push button, stop, review heart rate & calories. I just learned by accident how to tick away the laps as I'm going around.

My heart rate stayed between 145 and 159 the whole time so I could try and burn the most amount of calories as possible. I made sure of it. I kept looking at my watch like every 10 seconds and then I'd speed up or slow down as needed so it wouldn't go above or below that rate.

Since then, I went to the gym twice this week so far and both times have ran for 30 minutes (because I can't get my lazy butt up out of bed to spend more time there) and went 2.25 miles. Hopefully I can get up early enough tomorrow to run the whole hour and see just how far I can go. It's SOOOO much easier running on a tread mill than outside!


Finally, my gaining streak is over!

I really think the two running stints I did last week helped a lot. I hope. Because I'm going to try and do it a few more times this week and see if it makes a difference.

I'm still having major problems staying within my measly 21 points each day. But maybe the extra exercise will help balance it all out in the end.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been commenting lately. Your comments have really be a huge source of encouragement for me. And if you ever want to email me, feel free. I've been emailing back and forth with a few of you and that is so extremely helpful. Your words of encouragement are helping me through this really rough time in my weight loss journey.

God bless each of you.



Karyn said...

Cara, that is so AWESOME!!! I'm truly impressed.

And so glad you are losing again! Congrats!

Donna B said...

I am so excited for you. Running is great exercise, which I had better knees! And it sounds like the running has jump started your weight loss. Hopefully you will gian some activity points to help supplement your 21 WW points.
Keep up the good work.

Julie said...

Hi Cara! Brand new to your blog! Wow, what an inspiration you are!!

When did you first start trying to run? I am about your starting weight, and the idea of trying to run makes my head hurt, so I was wondering how much you lost first??

Mel said...

Wow! Those are 2 great achievements!! Congrats and Keep it up!!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Cara, those are awesome. I hope someday I will be able to run. For now, walking is tough enough.

Keep at it. I'm so happy the gaining streak is OVER.

The Princess

Katrina said...

That is soooo awesome. I used to run trails with my daughter in the jogger just so I could have an excuse to stop and show her a flower or a bird without looking like a wuss. 3.75 miles with no stops is an amazing accomplishment!

Dutch said...

Way to go on the weight loss and the running. I would love to some day get to the point where I will be able to run. Right now I am only thinking of walking for awhile, after I get my doctor's ok since I just had surgery. You are an inspiration to me. Thanks

MaryFran said...

YEAH! Those are both HUGE huge huge victories!!!! Congrats on both of them!

Deborah said...

Cara, YOU ROCK!!

I'm so tickled of your two "warm fuzzies." And I'm sooooo happy to hear a happier gal on this post. Keep it up, WE can do this together.

LolaDark said...

Congrats on running, running is a great workout!!

spunkysuzi said...

That is a great loss!! I can't wait to start running after i have the surgery :) Hopefully be running by spring!!

mzrichee said...
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mzrichee said...

thanks for your comment. and yes, about my whole four-week challenge thing.. it's really not all about losing weight, but more about trying to stick to a schedule (weight-training, really) and being consistent. i've never really been on a consistent weight-training/cardio schedule at the same time before (or at least not for a long while) and so i really just wanted to see if i could do it. i know im only 101lbs at the moment (which is my pre-pregnancy weight) but ideally i'd just like to see if i could drop below that to more like 95lbs. i'm only 4'10"... so pretty petite to start off. i haven't seen those numbers in a while. but all and all, it's not really about the weight issue here, it's more about losing some inches and firming up. if im toned and firm and weighs 105, i would be very content w/ that. :)

anyway, having read your last post, i have to say congratulations on your runs! i remembered the first time i started running again after having my baby. i didn't do any physical activities for at least six months postpartum. the first time i ran, i could barely go around the track before i had to stop and walk! but slowly and surely, i kept at it and was able to run longer without walking. one big accomplishment with all this running was my time running this lake course. comparing my course time from the first time i've ever ran it to my current typical time now, it's a whole 10+ min difference!

there are so many great benefits to running, i'm really glad you're picking it up. best of luck and keep running girl! before you know it you'll get 'em sexy runner's legs/calves. jk :)

btw, yes, i'm a graphic designer who's a wannabe pastry chef/cook. i bake random things here and there every now and then. store-bought cookies are a no-no in my house, just cuz i feel that if you're gonna have a cookie, you should have a fresh one (or know which ingredients went into making it). i'd love to go to pastry/culinary school one day, but maybe not in this lifetime just cuz there's too many things i want to do/be! :P

SeaShore said...

Congrats! You did it and, even better, you loved doing it!

Lake Mary WWLeader said...

Congratulations! I am truly glad to hear your good news and look forward to more this Saturday.

JC said...

Congrats on the loss. Way to go!!