Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weigh in today...

Well, this was an encouraging weigh in this morning.

I lost 2 pounds!

I wasn't surprised. I worked hard for it.

Last weekend, I gained 2 (or was it 3) pounds just in what I ate on Saturday and Sunday. If I hadn't done that, I'd have lost 4-5 pounds this week. Well, actually I did. It just isn't reflected in my official weigh in. I really didn't go all hog wild last weekend, I just made a few small indulgences. But apparently, that's all it takes for me now a days.

So my workweek started off great because I went running on Monday. And I made one small (though apparently significant) change to my weekly routine. I upped my water intake. I've been having problems drinking enough water throughout the day. I know WW says 6-8 cups of "fluids" a day, but most doctors I've talked to and read books about say drink half your weight in ounces every day. So if I'm 170(ish), I should drink 85 ounces a day. So this is how I accomplished my water intake each day.

I bought a 6-pack of 24-ounce water in sports bottles, the kind with the pop top where you have to squeeze out the water. And then bought a couple of gallons of drinking water (the water out of my tap isn't the greatest). And I took a permanent marker and marked a big number 1, 2, 3, & 4 on each of 4 of the bottles and set them out in plain view in my kitchen. Then each day, I could visually see my water goal. I would take #1 and #2 to work with me and then when I came home for lunch, I'd usually drink half of #3 and then in the evenings the rest of #3 and #4. There was only one day that I didn't drink all 4 (I only drank 2) and that was yesterday.

I'm not saying that drinking that much water caused me to lose 2 pounds (or rather 4 pounds, depending on how you look at it) but I'm sure it helped.

Although I only exercised one day last week, I did count my points and stayed around 22-24 points a day. It's just so hard to stay down under 22 each day. I ate sensible food and reasonable portions and monitored my hunger. Last week at WW's, we talked about monitoring your hunger. Where I have my most challenging troubles with that is in the evenings. I just want to snack on everything. But each evening, I kept placing my hand on my tummy and asking myself if I was craving or if I was really hungry. There was only 1 night I was actually hungry. The rest, I was able to resist the snacking and I was just fine with it.

I bought a bag of Dove dark chocolate and whenever I started getting snackie in the evenings and couldn't resist it, I would go and get a piece of chocolate. ONE PIECE. They're only 1 point. And they're my favorite chocolate.

Yesterday was my triumph. It's the day before weigh in and hubby wants to go out for dinner. We haven't eaten out all week, so I cave in. Where do we go? A pizza parlor! Yes, pizza the day before weigh in. Ugh!

So I decided I'd order one slice of cheese pizza and a side salad with Italian dressing. Not the greatest, but a huge triumph because when the garlic bread hit the table, I didn't have one piece of it. The salad was mediocre, but the slice of pizza was heaven. I've never had pizza at this place before (usually lasagna or some goopy pasta dish). But the pizza was amazing!

Then when I went home, I drank one whole bottle of water and nothing else (except the piece of chocolate).

So all in all it was a rather successful week.

Let's hope I can do the same thing next week.

I'm down to the weight I was at the beginning of last October. So I'm slowly getting caught up to my lowest weight, which was 167.8 in mid-December. I've got 5 1/2 pounds to go to get back down to my lowest weight. I know it might take me another couple of months to get that much weight back off of me, but at least I'm headed in the right direction again.

P.S. I signed up for the 5K today. It'll be next Saturday morning! Can't wait!!!



spunkysuzi said...

You have had just an awesome week!! And yep i do find that water helps :)

Lee said...

Good job increasing the water intake & resisting garlic bread!

Anonymous said...

I love garlic bread.

Woohooo!! :) Great job on the weight loss.

Donna B said...

COngrats on your great week! I know I am having a hard time getting in my water with the cold weather up here in PA, but I am drinking hot green tea with little spends in it to help out my intake. Can't wait ot hear about the 5K!!!!

Scale Junkie said...

WOW WOW congrats on a fabulous week1 I love your trick for drinking enough water and yes I really believe that water helps because I notice a difference on weeks where I drink enough and weeks that I don't.

You did such a great job at resisting that garlic bread, all of these times that we resist all add up to the big victory later!

TJ said...

Congrats on the loss! I would count it as 4# too.

I LOVE Dove dark chocolate. YUM! Evenings are challenging for me too. You're doing great.

HopeFool said...

Hooray for heading in the right direction!
If we look at things from a "one day at a time" perspective you're literally doing the best you can do.

Bre said...

Congrats on the kick butt loss!! Way to go!!! - Good luck on the 5K!!

~Tammy said...

Great job on the loss this week! WOOHOO you!

Have fun with the 5K.

Sarah said...

Great job on the weight loss! And have fun doing your 5K next Sat.

Lake Mary WWLeader said...

Way to go! Please keep up the good work and remember that you will have your WW cheering section routing for you at the 5K next week!

SeaShore said...

Congrats on your 2lb loss & a good week.

That's very exciting that you're in a 5k next weekend! I'm looking forward to reading about it.