Friday, October 23, 2009

Thinking about giving away something on my blog...

Well folks, I'm not doing too good—again. Again???

I've been having a hard time this week focusing in on my goals. I haven't splurged. I've stayed on points. I've even kept my cravings at bay, but I haven't exercised, not one lick!

I got so mad this morning because my weight is pretty much exactly what it was last week and I couldn't figure out why. I'm drinking my water. I'm eating my points. I'm eating well balanced meals. Plenty of fiber and protein. Veggies. Dairy. Oil. Etc., etc.

But no exercise.

I just can't get motivated to go to the gym or to do a noon-day workout. I can't even get inspired to take the dogs for a walk.

What is up with me???

On a slightly different note, I've been thinking about doing a contest on my blog. I have been given a few products to give away on my blog if I want to. And I want to. But what do you guys think? Do you hate blog contests? Do you love 'em?



Georgia Mist said...

I like contests and giveaways. It gets people to try something new... or inspire / motivate them.

I'm giving away a completed piece of needlework that I'm stitching -- I hope it will lift someone's spirit / motivate them.

Come on by and enter if you haven't done -- it'll be fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cara- I've been sick all week and haven't worked out either. I was traveling some too - and thought I would use the gyms at the hotels but I just felt like crap. force yourself to do 1 thing - it will be the stepping stone to getting back on track. It's always the 1st time that is the hardest. Tricia