Saturday, October 3, 2009

Physical? Or emotional, spiritual and intellectual?

Drum roll, please...

I lost 7.2 pounds this week!!!! =D

Can you believe it??? I don't remember if I've ever lost that much in one week.

Now, mind you, I had gained 10.6 pounds since my last official weigh in, two weeks ago. But, in my food journal, I wrote down what I weighed last Saturday morning at home (before I took the no-weigh-in-pass at WW), which was 10.6 pounds more than my weigh from the previous week. (Yes, I gained 10 pounds in ONE WEEK!)

So this week, I "officially" gained 3.2 pounds (documented in WW system), thanks to the no-weigh-in-pass from last week. If I would have weighed in last week, I could have "officially" posted a 7 pound loss... No More No-Weigh-In-Passes for me!!

I still lost the 7 pounds, though.

And you know how I did it?? I went back to to the beginning and did what I did when I first started WW. I journaled everything I ate. Wrote down what exercise I did and didn't do. Tracked my flex points as I used them. I became more active. And I kept my craving demons at bay.

It really was a sweet victory because I focused internally for benchmarks on how I was doing, not focusing on the scale. I don't know if I've ever done that before. I had to get my head straight and think about the weight loss from an emotional and spiritual and intellectual perspective, not a physical one. Weird because weight loss is a physical thing, right?

Well, kinda. It sure has physical results. Tangible. Visual. But I think I'm learning that it is anything BUT physical.

It's all in my head and in my heart. What a revelation, huh?!

I still need to be able to process this new perspective on weight loss. But I'll tell you one thing its doing for me is it's helping me keep my emotional eating in check. Funny, because the topic at WW yesterday was emotional eating. It's like WW is really trying to tell me something. I needed motivation last week, so they talked about motivation. I needed to conquer my emotional eating and they talked about it this week. Cool, huh?

I started out this past week just focusing on one day at a time and one meal at a time. But more importantly, I focused inward on what my heart was saying about the food I was eating and what my mind was thinking about it and I tried to separate the physical responses I was feeling in response to eating or not eating or craving.

Usually, by the end of the week, I've already planned out what I'm going to splurge on on Saturday. At one point, I got a craving for chips and cream cheese (Ruffles chips dipped in cream cheese, mmmmm!). So I set my sights on that. But as the week went on, I couldn't find the excitement about eating the chips. I just kept remembering how the last few times I ate them, they weren't as good as I remembered them. That's separating my emotional and psychological response to food from my physical responses.

That snack used to just bring the world back into balance for me. When I ate them, I'd feel this rush of warmth that would start at my tongue, travel to my brain, then warm my entire body. "Mmmm." or "Ahhhh." is what I'd say. But this past week, I kept trying to envision those feelings and all I could come up with was that the taste wasn't going to cure or fix anything in my body. It would just be a waste of points and calories that I'd have to work really hard to get back off.

So all day yesterday, I kept checking myself whenever a so called "craving" would hit. Nothing I thought of was worth eating. Nothing I thought of eating was worth having to work it back off.

So I didn't splurge.

And I didn't miss it.

I think I'm on to something. :)

I went for a bike ride this morning. First time I've gone for a Sunday morning bike ride in a while.

This whole thing isn't getting any easier, but I'm hoping I'm learning more about myself and I can start to keep it all in perspective a little more.

We'll see. :)



F. McButter Pants said...

What an awesome post! This thing is totally centered in my mind and heart and spirit. It's about changing the way you view yoruself. That's why body image is so hard. At least for me.

The loss is awesome, but I think what you got out of emotionally is a far greater success!

I seem to always get what I need when I need it as well. Look for miracals and you'll them!

F. McButter Pants said...

find, you'll find them...shoot I need to proof read!

Beth said...

Before I began to blog, I thought I was the only one who could gain 10 pounds in a week. Who cares if most of it "might" be water weight! It's a huge hit to the ego. Now that I've seen this can happen to others (you and others before you), I feel less of a freakish failure. I see that, while certainly not desirable, it can still be part of a success story. Thank you!

spunkysuzi said...

That is awesome! I'm also one of those people that can gain very quickly but i can also lose those pounds pretty quickly if i'm trying :)
Sounds like you're on the right path to health!!

screwdestiny said...

Yay Cara! So much good news--a seven pound loss AND you've really started to figure out the emotional side of eating. That's just awesome.

Fat[free]Me said...

I love this post - you are so right, it is as much about the mind and spirit as what our bodies are doing, they are all tied in together and depend on each being in tune with the other.

Shelley said...

Wow Cara - seven pounds is incredible! You have really gotten back on track - and I love how you defeated the chips! Great job, lady!!!

Anonymous said...

How awesome!!!!

Miz said...

Thats so so so fantastic.

Here's to a great week emotionally.

walking on air and knowing we (the royal) can do this!!

Roxie said...


Sandy said...

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