Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day two and counting...

Day two was just as good as day one.

I stayed on points and exercised at lunch again today. Although, I'm really not crazy about working out at lunch. I don't sweat very much and I exercise right under the fan (on full blast) but I still feel sticky when I sit at my desk in the afternoons. And I'm so afraid I stink and can't smell myself. But I just don't know when I can exercise other than lunch. I can't do it before work at home and it's too dark to do it outside (hopefully when the time changes I'll have more daylight in the mornings). I can't do it at night. Tomorrow, I'm taking a break and not working out at lunch. I'm really sore and I don't want to burn out on it. Let's just hope I have the determination to do it on Thursday at lunch. It'll be hard, but I'm gonna try.

I thought I went over on my points for dinner, but I looked up my food on the WW website and found out it was about half the points I thought it was. So booyah!!

I'm a little nervous, though, because it was spaghetti. I measured out a half cup of pasta (it was Barilla Plus Omega 3 pasta that has extra protein and fiber) and a half a cup of spaghetti sauce. It didn't look like a whole lot on my plate, but I chopped it up and spread it out on the plate (a smaller plate, mind you) to make it look like more than it was. But I looked at the box and jar and I figured the whole thing was around 10 points. But WW said it was 4 points. I compromised and called it 7 points because I really think it should have been more points than a measly 4. Plus, I did workout today and so I have a few activity points to use up. :)

I just hope the small amount of spaghetti sticks in my tummy for the rest of the night.

I found some no sugar added fudge (popsicle) bars (Fudgcicle brand) that are only 1 point for 2 fudge bars!!! And they're SOOOO yummy!!! I don't even notice I'm eating diet ice cream. In case my spaghetti doesn't make it through the night I can have one (or maybe 2) as a treat.

I'm not declaring victory quite yet, though, I'm still taking this one day at a time. I'm still fighting the urge to eat whatever & whenever I want. You're right, Diana, everyone does say it gets easier with time. I've been under that spell for the past 2 years. It still hasn't gotten easier. No, it's gotten harder. I think it was because I was relying on the fact that it would getting easier.

And, Shelley, I'll have to pull out my week one WW books to look up the filling foods. I know I'm going to need variety and most of the filling foods I know of are somewhat high in points.

You know, Mary Fran, I've thought of posting my food intake on my blog and I might do that one day. But for now if I have to go to the computer to log something in, I won't do it. I used to. I've tried all kinds of online food diaries and I've used the WW online points tracker off and on for the past 2 1/2 years and I've even tried Tweeting my food intake, but nothing seems to work for me for very long. I don't know how long the cutesy notebook will last, but it's working for now. We'll see how it goes.

Thank you guys, so much, for all your suggestions and encouragement. I love it! And I need it!



Shelley said...

Good deal on getting your exercise in at lunch! I'm impressed with your commitment - and I'm sure you're not stinky at all!

Glad the comments are helping - we are all rooting for you, Cara!

FootBalls said...

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Lauri said...

Keep up the good work!

David Showers said...
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David Showers said...

In the words of Tony Little of Gazelle fame.... "YOU CAN DOOOOO IT!"

Sorry Cara, I just had to!

Love ya!

MaryFran said...

Woo hooo...the more days you get under the belt, the better off you'll be!!!

screwdestiny said...

Good job again! You can do this.

Denise Burks said...

Hello. My name is Denise Burks and TODAY I began a weight loss journal blog. TODAY is also the first time I read your blog. Your most recent posting resonates with me. I am very concerned that I am going to get hurt or burn out or feel defeated by my efforts to exercise. But TODAY I took a water aerobics class and I think I may have found the secret to my re-entry into the world of exercise. I feel like I got a workout, my muscles are firing a bit, but I have absolutely no pain! I look forward to reading more from you.