Monday, September 28, 2009

One day at a time...

So far, so good.

Today, I stayed within my points and I did a workout at lunch time.

The thing of it is, I kept thinking about all the things I couldn't eat... all day today. I can't keep doing this. I'm really not trying to be super strict, I'm just eating when I'm hungry. Except I've spent the last 43 years of my life, eating whenever I felt like it, not when my body needed it. This is going to be a tough one to move past.

But I really want to move past it. I just have to find a happy balance in there somewhere.

And 21 points isn't a whole heck of a lot of food! I think I just need to be smart about finding filling foods that are low in points.

I bought a pretty little notebook over the weekend to start tracking my food in. After I've tried for weeks to write down what I eat, I thought it might help if I made it fun. So I found this cute little spiral hard bound notebook with a rubber strap around it to keep it closed. It's blue with tan polka dots. And it's small enough to carry in my purse so I can write down what I eat as I eat it. We'll see how it goes, but I'm really trying to take steps in the right direction.

I just need to not obsess about this, but instead, just try to make it through each day. So this is just one day... on track.

(uh, oh, my tummy is grumbling...)



Lauri said...

"One day" is a huge accomplishment. It's the first step towards "Two days". And I know all about those late evening tummy grumbles. I try drinking water, but when I know it just isn't enough, I have an Atkins shake. You don't have to be on the Atkins plan to use their shakes or snacks one in awhile. Not sure how it translates into points, but something to think about checking on if interested. I love the vanilla, and I prefer to not chill it. I like it better room temp.
Anyway, hold your head up high, because you made it through "One Day"!!!!

Miz said...

Im such a believer in the ONE DAY AT A TIME in all arenas of my life from fitness to work/writing.

Here's to day two.


one day at a time.

Diana said...

Boy, I hear you! Me too!

It's so hard to go from eating whenever I feel like it to eating to feed my body (not my soul).

Everyone says it's gets easier with time, and I keep waiting for that "time".

The notebook is a great idea. I'm doing that too. Somehow writing all the junk down that I eat, with the calorie count, seems to be helping. More so than the online Weight Watchers tracker.

Hang in there Cara, really, that's our only alternative, even if it's by our toenails. If it helps, I feel your pain. I'm living it too. Take it moment by moment. We can do this, I just know we can. :)

Anonymous said...

You CAN do this one day at a time. You can!

Shelley said...

Sometimes it's one hour at a time for me...

Have you gone back to the first week of WW literature to check the "filling foods" list? There might be something there that will help you with the grumbling tummy.

MaryFran said...

It's not even one day at a time. It's one hour at a time. Celebrate each little success! You can do it!!!!

I know for me, I'm posting my food intake on my blog. It really does help me. WHen I think about eating something, the first thing that goes through my mind is, "Oh my word, I'm going to have to write and post for the world to see such and such that I ate." It's crazy, but it makes me step back and REALLY think about what I'm contemplating eating. I usually all of a sudden decide that I'm not that hungry anymore.

spunkysuzi said...

This is what i started today, one hour at time!
After being sick for the last two weeks i need to get back on the wagon.
Cara just take baby steps I know you can do it!

Anonymous said...

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