Monday, September 14, 2009

Progress is sometimes a kick in the pants...

Okay, first things first... I lost 1.6 pounds last week!!! YAY!!!! That's 2 weeks in a row, now, that I've lost weight! I'm so excited!!!

I was really aiming to just break even. All week I kept losing a pound then gaining it back then losing it and gaining it. By Friday, the pound had stayed off. Then by Saturday morning, when I weighed in, I'd managed to keep it off plus another 6th of a pound. So YAY!!

I really think that hard workout that I did on Wednesday really helped out (or was it Thursday?). Anyways, I need to do that again this week, but more often. I was going to workout again at lunch today but couldn't. Had an errand to run. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it tomorrow either because my pup has something wrong with one of her ears (she keeps a lop-sided head and keeps shaking her head alot). So I'll take her to the vet tomorrow during lunch, but I hope I can workout on Wednesday and then maybe again on Thursday or Friday. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now onto something a little more depressing. I don't know if you guys have ever heard of the 50 Million Pound Challenge or not, but I signed up for it at the beginning of the year. I haven't really done anything with it, but at the time I signed up I had high hopes of joining a community of people geared to losing weight. I guess that's what I have Weight Watcher's for, so that's probably why I never really got into it that much. Anyway, they sent me an email the other day reminding me to stop by their website to update my progress. So I clicked the button that went to their website and it asked me to log in. So I did. And the first thing it says is to enter my current weight. So I did. Guess what it did next??

It kicked me in the gut!!

Check it out... this is what it said:

How depressing is that?!?!

I don't even know what to say about that. I really don't want to focus on it too much, but man what a blow! I mean, I lost 1.6 pounds last week and 1 pound the previous week. So sometime between Jan 20th and 3 weeks ago, I lost a whopping 4/10th of a pound.


Keep your mind out of that self-defeating attitude, Cara! You don't need to keep dwelling on your failures! Please help me stay focused on my recent losses and my recent exercise victories (ever how small they both are).



Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

it's so easy to get focused on the "what-ifs" and not really enjoy the "woo-hoo's"! Good for you on losing that much in just a short period of time.

Stay focused on the future, and try not to worry about the past. (Easier said than done I know.)

Georgia Mist said...

Every pound lost is a victory! Don't let this get you down!
I've been on a 5-week plateau -- and trying not to stress about it.
You're losing -- and we all know that it's the slow, steady progress that wins this race of a lifetime.

Kai said...

I really like your achievements. They are not crazy fad diets or anything, but hard work and dedication. Even if you only lose .5 pounds per week, that is still progress!

Keep up the good work as I am trying to lose the last 7 pounds to reach my goal!

Erin Huggins said...

I totally agree with Georgia. just keep up the hard work and you will get there. Do rush things. You will do it step by step.



Lisa eats too much pizza said...

I say congrats on your loss!