Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another week, another set of goals...

Man, I can't believe it's been a WHOLE week since my last post.

Bad Cara!!

Well, weigh in was this morning and I managed to maintain. Actually, I'm so relieved. I was so afraid I was going to gain. I did track my points every day and I only used 15 of my flex points (including last Saturday and Sunday) but I did not exercise enough or drink enough water. I'm finding that it's a whole package deal with me. In order for me to lose, I have to track my points AND exercise AND drink my water. If I don't do one or two of those things, I simply will not lose, or I'll gain.

So my goals for this week are simple: Track, Exercise and Drink—TED:

Exercise at least 4 days—hard exercise, not just walking. I did a Last Chance Workout Friday night. I ran my butt off. I'm convinced that was why I broke even because Friday morning when I weighed myself at home, I was still up 1.8 pounds from last Saturday's WI. I ran so fast and so hard like I've never done before. My heart rate was up in the low- to mid-170s for most of my run. But I kept running because I felt fine. I told myself if I started feeling bad, tired or in pain, I'd stop. And I did. I burned almost 1,000 calories in only 40 minutes of running. Was kind of like my own version of a spinning class only I was running. Was wonderful. I'm going to have to try that again.

Track my points. I've been doing good with this, so I'll just keep doing what I've been doing. Although I bought a new gadget to help me. It's called a Points Clicker key chain. It's really cool. All it does is count down the number of points you have left for the day. When you reach zero, I'll start tracking in the negative so you'll know how many Flex Points you used. It's really cool and it was only $5. I'd put a link to it on the Weight Watchers website, but I can't find it on there, yet.

Drink my allotted water. I'm not sure if I told you how I'm making sure I drink my water or not so if I did, please forgive me and skip over this section. I figured out that I need to drink between 80 and 100 ounces of water a day (based on my weight divided in half then that number is how many ounces I need to drink). So what I did was buy four 700ml (24 ounce) sports bottles (with the pop tops) and I wrote a #1, #2, #3 & #4 on each bottle, in permanent marker. Then each morning, I fill all four of them up with fresh water and set them on my kitchen counter (I don't like cold water, but cold water will help you lose weight faster—scientifically proven). Then as the day goes on, I can see how much I've drank and how much I still need to drink. Last week, I only drank about half the water I should have each day.

I learned something new about exercise. I did my Last Chance Workout in the evening and I had so much more energy. I didn't get tired as quickly and I felt so much more enthusiastic about the whole thing. I felt more empowered. I felt like I could go forever.

I had a really good WW meeting this morning. They talked about my favorite subject: managing your thoughts. My thoughts are what has held me back from losing more weight and exercising more. But that's an entirely different blog post altogether. :) I told everyone how I ran 10K last weekend and they all cheered for me. Then the sweetest thing happened at the end of the meeting when the leader asked if anything had ever happened in a meeting that was encouraging or helped them out. A lady, who I don't even know, said out loud how I inspired her with what I said about my running. Was really sweet.

P.S. My hubby just started his own blog. I'm so excited. We've been losing weight together since we started this whole thing in 2007. He's been having problems with his weight loss lately, though, and that's why I'm so glad he started his own blog. I know how much my blog has helped me. So stop by, if you wouldn't mind, and tell him hi: David's Weight Loss Journal.



Jim said...

You said: "I don't like cold water, but cold water will help you lose weight faster—scientifically proven"

Maybe, maybe not. I've often read that statement, but I'm not sure it's all that accurate.

Yes, your body does burn a few calories heating up the cold water, and that might show up as a short-term effect in the lab.

However, the cold water may lead your hypothalamus to prepare for wintry weather. In that case, your hypothalamus may start trying to add fat for a long winter, by making you more hungry, and by slowing your metabolism.

Do whatever works for you, but I suspect that hot fluids will do more for weight loss in the long run.

Best wishes to you.

--cara said...

Hi Jim, thanks for the info. I've heard before what you're talking about with the hypothalamus, but it makes more sense for me that the cold water would burn extra calories than your brain telling you to put on more fat to prepare for cold weather. But I think you're right, science can just about prove both sides of any argument. Whatever works, right?

Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Cara I agree if you track what you are eating you tend to eat better and not as many calories.
Excercise and water are huge. Even if its only a little exercise it will make a difference.

jinxxxygirl said...

Yeah Cara is following my blog! Thank you! We are on similar paths aren't we? You've come along way baby! Love your before and during photos. What a difference! Have you decided how much you want to lose?? I'm shooting for 150ish. My next goal is to join a gym and really work hard at toning up as much as possible.
I agree when it comes to 'the whole package' . This time is the first time i've actually done it that way. Diet ,Exercise and Water. Though i don't drink near as much water as you, i know i should drink more but i absolutely HATE water Blah! The fact that i'm drinking any at all is a miracle LOL!I drink 2 20oz bottles a day. Sometimes i procrastinate so long i'm drinking my last bottle at 9pm! But i'm determined to get it in so i drink it and get up and pee all night. LOL!
I love running but i dare say you love it more. Hee hee....My running motivation tends to swing in both directions . Some times i'm loving it and sometimes its a means to an end. I find it really depends alot on how tired iam from work or if i've had the day off.
By the way i drink my water cold.....though i can see the merit of both views hmmm.......don't know Jinx!

TJ said...

Good luck with TED this week.

That was so cool that someone pointed you out as an inspiration!