Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, I did it! Three weeks in a row I've pulled a loss!

I was down one whole pound this week!

I'm so glad my brain and my body are starting to work together again.

I'm now at 171.8 lbs.

The first time I hit 171.8 was on Sept. 13 of last year. That's FIVE MONTHS down the crapper. Five months of trying to get back to that point. The lowest I've ever been was 167.8 back on Dec. 13th. So I was able to make it lower than I am now, but now I have to lose those pounds all over again.

So I've got 4 pounds to go to get back down to the lowest I've ever been and I've got 6.6 pounds to go to reach my ominous goal of 100 pounds lost. I can't believe I was only 2.6 pounds away from 100. Ugh! Total sabotage!

Can you believe I've been trying to reach my 100 pound goal since July 19th last year? I started my 18 Pounds in 18 Weeks challenge back then because I was only 18 pounds away from 100 pounds. Then all heck broke loose just before Thanksgiving and I've been trying to regain my weigh loss ever since.

A friend at work, Wendy, told me a cool thing she does with her weight loss log. She'll highlight her losses with a green highlighter and her gains with a red one. The idea is to see more greens than reds, obviously, but it's a great graphical representation of how you're doing on an on-going basis.

So I sat down and did that today. (I don't have a red highlighter so I used orange.) Since I started the challenge, I've had a loss 18 times and a gain 13 times. So at least I'm losing more times than I'm gaining, but not by much. Really, it looks like there's just as many green as there is orange.

Well, at least there are 3 greens in a row for now. I'm going to try for 4 in a row. I'm taking this one day at a time, one week at a time.

I thought I'd try something different this weekend and try to stick to my 22 points each day. Usually, I've used my 22 points for Saturday and Sunday plus all 35 flex point by Sunday night. So far so good. I'll let you know how it works out.

Oh, and I think my next running challenge is going to be a 10K. Okay, I know what you're thinking, 'Good grief, Cara, you just ran your first 5K, isn't a 10K a little ambitious?' Well, yes, it is. But I still want to try it. I truly think I can do it. There's one coming up on March 14th—4 weeks away.

I figured my first step towards seeing if I can do this is to try and run the distance around the neighborhood. So I just finished mapping my route. I think I'll try it tomorrow morning. I suspect it'll take me an hour and a half to do being as the 5K took me 45 minutes. But we'll see.

I'll let you know if I do it or not. Tomorrow morning would really be my only chance until next weekend. I could get up early and try it one morning this week, but I'm still not 100% comfortable running around the neighborhood in the dark. I know I used to do it all the time. Heck, I've been running and walking outside in the dark since I started Weight Watchers almost 2 years ago. But I've been spooked lately. So better go with my gut, right?

So here's to another week of weight loss. Whew! I still can't believe—3 weeks in a row. Hopefully 4 weeks will be in the near future.

P.S. if you have a minute, you should go check out my sister-in-law's new blog. She just started it a couple of weeks ago. Stop by and tell her hi for me, would you?



HopeFool said...

I love how you keep setting the bar higher for yourself.
Great job.

MizFit said...

such a great job....dare I say it's now all a habit??

Deborah said...

Way to go on the loss!! Go, Go, Go, for 4 weeks in a row! You can do it!

Lauri said...

Way to go, Cara! Continuous loss is always such a great feeling! I can't wait to hear how you did on your test-run of 10k today. I am so excited for you that you are hitting all these new goals! And earlier this week, running on the treadmill for an hour...amazing! Keep it up!!

TJ said...

Congrats on your third loss in a row! WoOt!

I was 6# away from being in ONEderland when I sabotaged myself last December. I'm there now and not looking back! Good luck getting to 100# lost!!

You go, girl on trying for a 10K. You're inspiring!!

Bre said...

Congrats on the loss!! You are doing so great!!!

Amy said...

Woo Hoo!
You know, most people usually put that almost 100 pounds back on... but you've done a great job keeping it off and working toward more. Keep it up!

jinxxxygirl said...

Hi Cara!
Your mom stuck a bug in my ear to come check out your blog 'cause i'm a runner too.You are amazing girl let me tell you! I'm dying to know how you did on your 10k. I run three miles every other day or so. I've recently started adding an extra mile cause i know it will help my 5k time.I don't my desire does not go with longer and longer distances right now i want to go faster and faster. I'm sure one day i will get bored with the 5k and want to longer but i'm not there yet. If you like my daughter used to run cross country in highschool , she is 22 now and has decided to get back into running and just started her own blog. I know she is struggling and would love to hear from a fellow runner when you have the time.Her blog is I'm her only follower so far. Thanks a bunch! Running has helped me lose 70 pounds over the last year. My goal is 100 pounds too. We can do this girl! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! Jinx!