Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chip fiasco to glorious victory...

Okay, first, I want to thank you guys for your wonderfully encouraging comments to my blog post yesterday. They were very encouraging!

You are right, I did stop. And the old me would definitely not have stopped at all! I think I have to consider yesterday's challenge a win for me. I was so ashamed yesterday after it happened. I felt like I'd totally lost it—my will to continue dieting. Almost like I didn't deserve the right to diet any more. But now, upon reflecting on the situation and your comments, I have to say I did pretty good. In fact, I'm going to count yesterday as a total victory.

Gold star for Cara!

So, today I came home for lunch, and just like yesterday I got the shakes on the way down the stairs at work. I think I'm getting hungry but not noticing it.

I've been so screaming busy at work lately, taking on a lot of new projects (which are all very fun, but extremely time consuming) and I think I'm just getting so busy in the morning that I'm not listening to my body when it gets hungry.

Usually, I'll have a mid-morning snack of some sort and yesterday & today I didn't. I think I'm going to have to set some sort of reminder for me to stop and eat my morning snack.

I mean, it's a good thing to be so busy that you don't even notice that you're hungry, but this can be—and has proven to be—bad for me. Case in point, yesterday.

So today, I realized it before I got home and I had a hearty lunch. Low in points, but high in fiber and protein to make up for the lack of snack this morning.

Whew! I did it. I turned that fiasco from yesterday into a complete victory!

Woo hoo!!

Now, secondly, you guys have got to go read my hubby's blog from this morning. He's such a sweetie! And I'm so proud of him! He just started his blog the other day and he's already using it just like I do—it is (well, you guys are) my confessional, my event planner and my accountability partner(s).

He jumped over a HUGE hurdle today. And he didn't even tip the board. You guys just don't know how hard it was for him. If you think I have a hard time resisting, he is 1,000 times worse at it. He's the worst at resisting snacks. At least he has been lately. And so for him to resist this divine creation I made, is truly amazing.

I'm proud of you, David!

P.S. Update on my TED's (tracking, exercising and drinking water): I'm doing great on the water and tracking part but I only ran on Sunday (but only for 40 minutes) and didn't run yesterday or today. I'm hoping I can get inspired to run tonight. I had such a great run last Friday night. Maybe night running might work better for me.

Oh, and for Trish85, the chips were Ruffles (reduced fat) and the dip was Philadelphia Cream Cheese (1/3 less fat). It's a combination that I've eaten my entire life. Don't knock it until you try it. It's truly heavenly the way the two textures and tastes marry up together so perfectly. :]



Jim said...

Thanks for the link to your husband's blog. I'll start following it.

Andrea said...

Hello! I wanted to tell you that I like your blog. Your "Before" and "After" pictures are awesome!

spunkysuzi said...

Do you think a small between breakfast and lunch snack might help?? Maybe some protein??

Lauri said...

Good for you! You are learning to take what happens and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. I think you are absolutely correct about needing to eat your morning snack. I bet it makes all the difference.

jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so glad you are able to see the victory in the chip fiasco! LOL! Half the battle is in our head. Way to go girl! I started following your hubby's blog. Its so nice you can do it together.
As the days get warmer i will switch to evening running just before dark . The only bad thing about that is it gives you too much time to talk yourself out of it. LOL! Be strong Cara! Jinx!

tisha85 said...

Thank you Cara for letting me live vicariously through your Ruffles and Philly fiasco. Good for you for turning it around. I think what you wrote is true about getting so caught up in work that you forget to eat something and then the shakes come on. To look at me, no one would ever think *I* forget to eat, but it happens.

JC said...

Bless your heart. I'm so proud of you for getting right back on course. I completely understand but I don't just have a day I have a week. Like last week but all is better or sorta better now. I'm so close to the 90 lb mark but just keep messing myself up.

Sorry, I haven't forgotten about you but I've been so busy and gotten so behind on blog reading. Now I gotta go and check out your hubby's site.

SeaShore said...

I'm glad you are counting yesterday as a victory, it was.

I carry a snack-sized bag of almonds in my purse, just in case. It's 3 points, but it's filling and good for me, and immediately available.

I have binges, and I know I need to work on not feeling guilty and ashamed when they happen, too. Those feelings can lead to more binging. They are in no way helpful to a healthier me.

IRJessica said...

Read one of your older posts... what podcasts do you listen to while you run?