Monday, February 2, 2009

Starting the week off right...

Well, I started the week off right. I went running this morning.

I usually have the hardest time getting out of bed on Mondays to exercise, but I have extra motivation this week because of the 5K on Saturday. I want to run every day this week so I won't get my butt whipped on Saturday. I don't expect to win the race or even finish in the top whatever, but I don't want to be the one that they have to go behind and pick up the cones after. Or worse yet, they pick up the cones before I'm even finished. Ugh.

Actually, my first statement is a bit misleading. I did TRY to run this morning but for some reason I couldn't run the whole hour. I only ended up running a total of about a half hour. I did my usual 5-minute warm up and then I started out running (very slow). After 15 minutes of running, I started getting shaky. Like I was completely out of fuel. I had eaten a protein bar about 15 minutes before I started and I had a bottle of water in my hand that I sipped on every few minutes. So I know my body had fuel. But I just couldn't keep running. I had to walk. So I did. I tried another couple of times to run, but could only run for about 5 minutes each time before I'd have to stop and walk.

Who knows what that was all about.

But at least I kept at it for an hour solid.

I'll try again tomorrow morning and hopefully will be back to my old self.

I ate real well over the weekend. I usually have a free-for-all indulgence at least once after weigh in and maybe again (but smaller) on Sunday. This time I only indulged once. On Saturday we went to Moe's Southwest Grill. This used to be my absolute favorite place to get a burrito before I started Weight Watchers. I haven't been since before May '07. I decided that would be a fun treat. I had the burrito and a small basket of chips with queso. The burrito as it turns out was 18 points! I had it with sour cream AND guacamole so I figured I was in for a big amount of points. But what really shocked me was the chips. This can't possibly be right. According to their online nutritional calculator, a side of tortilla chips is 18 points. JUST FOR THE CHIPS. Holy cow!! What the heck do they pack in those chips??!!! That seriously can't be right. The side of queso was only 4 points. I can see where the chips could be maybe 8 or 10 points, but 18??!!


I was good the rest of the day. Same thing on Sunday. I stayed within my 22 points on Sunday. For the game, I only had a small bowl of tortilla chips (Tostitos) and some salsa. Only 3 points. And they totally satisfied my game day snacking needs. I drank 2 bottles of water during the game, too.

Oh my gosh, the game was amazing!!

Probably one of the best Super Bowls—EVER! That 100 intercept/touchdown by James Harrison was spectacular! Man, we needed that! Then come to find out the guys has been cut from the Steelers team 4 times. Ouch! I think we know why because after his amazing TD he was caught fighting a couple of more times—once resulted in a penalty. But what a run!

And then that beautiful play, or rather series of plays, between Rothlesberger and Holmes—8 plays, 78 yards. How amazing was that.

One of the most spectacular plays of the game, though, I have to concede to the Cards. Was towards the middle of the 4th quarter when Fitzgerald scored their last touch down of the game. This play was beautifully choreographed. Both of the Steelers safeties were pulled to the outside when Warner passes this dead on pass to Larry Fitzgerald, like the skies had just opened up and God himself handed Fitzgerald the ball. He scoops the ball under his arm and head for the goal. Piece of cake considering nearly ALL of the Steelers defense had just been duped into moving away from the receiver. What a play!

The story behind it was even more meaningful considering Fitzgerald lost his mom before he could tell her he was sorry for arguing with her and not speaking to her for months before her sudden death. He was so proud that she'd be looking down from Heaven watching him in the game. And he sure made his mom proud with that play. It was beautiful!

Well, I could go on and on with that game. There were so many great plays and don't even get me started with that debacle during the first drive of the game when Rothlesberger made a touch down and then it was called back. The call was fair, but man that would have been awesome if the quarterback could have scored the first touch down.

Okay, okay, I'll stop now.

Go Steelers!



JC said...

First of all, I'm playing catch up. Congrats on the loss. Proud your team won the ballgame. I'm not into football but I love your passion. Sorry you didn't getting all the running in you wanted to this morning but you inspire me by sticking with it. I haven't gotten beyond mall walking. Hey it's something, I'm looking forward to spring, I don't care if the ground hog did see his shadow. He would have if he had been in my neck of the woods. Have a great evening.

Nichole said...

Have you ever checked out the Abs Diet for Women? Love it~

Been stalking your blog for a while and it's been fun. Check mine out!

Scale Junkie said...

My running friends always say protein and carbs before a run, maybe add in some carb next time too for fuel.

Great motivation to get out there and prepare for a 5k!

MaryFran said...

I'm very proud that you pushed through on your run! Keep pushing and you'll be fine this weekend for your race/run! Can't wait to read all about it!

Charlie Hills said...

I was going to suggest the carb thing. The protein bar might not be giving you enough quick energy.

SeaShore said...

I read that you should have complex carbs before your exercise for the quick energy, and protein afterwards to repair muscle tissue.

Maybe ask a seasoned runner if they ever had the same thing happen?