Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm on a losing streak...

Those word, for once, are really good to hear.

I lost another 1.4 lbs this week.

My total now is 102.0 pounds lost!!

And the coolest thing is I got 2 paper clips today!!!

I have been looking forward to getting more paperclips for SOOO long!!! Its been so long, they actually stopped doing paper clips at my WW meeting. Something about it not being Weight Watcher sanctioned or something silly like that. I say, whatever works, right? It totally motivates me!

I've been able to keep my head pointed in the right direction. I'm looking at food and hunger in a totally different way than I ever have. I'm finally seeing food for the sustenance that it was meant to be. Don't get me wrong, I still love eating food. But I'm learning some of the negative effects of some types of food and eating too much of certain types of foods and it's making me look at the whole thing alot better.

Like have you ever heard of sugar alcohol? I read an article about it a couple of weeks ago. It comes from artificial sweetener. Our bodies can't process it so it passes straight through our stomachs and right into our pancreas. The pancreas doesn't know what to do with it except that it dehydrates the pancreas like crazy. So it sends out signals to the rest of the body to send all water reserves immediately. So what happens is your pancreas gets over watered and starts to bloat. So if you ever feel bloated and can't figure out why, try and remember what you've eaten with artificial sweetener in it. This process also causes diarrhea. Yuk. Its things like that that I've been learning lately that really make me think twice about some of the foods I've been putting into my body.

I think the biggest thing I've learned, though, is to eat in moderation and to eat frequently. I'll have little tiny meals throughout the day. I try to eat every 3 hours even if it's just to have a banana or a yogurt. It really keeps me from overeating when it comes to meal time. And I try to focus on foods high in fiber and protein that'll help me feel fuller longer.

Oh, and lots of water. I probably drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. That's pretty good for me. I used to only be able to squeeze in 6 glasses, tops.

I still haven't gotten back to exercising, though. And I know I need to desperately. That whole marathon debacle and knee injury has really thrown me for a curve. I really want to start biking again... I just have to get up the courage to do it.

Oh, by the way, I have a guest blogger I'll be posting later on this week and she talks about sugar alcohol alot better than I do. She's a registered nurse.



Mad Woman said...

I love that paperclip idea. Awesome. ANd who cares if it isn't WW sanctioned...different things work for different people right?

Good job this week!!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog: congrats on the 102 lb loss! That's amazing, and you LOOK amazing!!!!

Ever thought of dancing for exercise? That's the only exercise I do, and I've lost 70 lbs. doing it. I have an iPod playlist of my all-time fav dance songs, and I rock away. Can be done any where, for any length of time that suits you. Just a thought. And I've had knee issues too, and was able to work through it using dance. ;)

MaryFran said...

Yay on the loss!!!!!!! Stick with the paperclips if they work!!!!