Monday, May 31, 2010

One small step for Cara...

I discovered a really cool thing this weekend...

I can now tuck my shirt into my pants and you can't see my tummy bulging over the tops of my pants!!!


I have to admit, though, it's a little disconcerting. I'm so used to pulling my shirts over my pants to hide the bulge that I feel like something's wrong when I don't. I find myself, like I have some sort of OCD problem, grabbing for the tail of my shirt to pull it down every time I stand up. But its not there. It's tucked in my pants. Its like, something is wrong, where's my shirt, it should be there. But so I have nothing to grab on to, so I just run my hands on the tops of my hips so uncomfortably like 'yea, I meant to do that'. I just feel lopsided or something. So weird.

We met the in-laws for breakfast this morning and we went do Denny's. I was SURE they had nothing healthy for me to eat there and I was so dreading it. Turns out they have added healthy breakfast items to their menu.

I got 2 egg whites with onion and mushrooms, 2 whole wheat pancakes with no butter but sugar free syrup, a chicken sausage patty (yes, chicken!... I've never heard of a chicken sausage before, but it actually tasted like a turkey sausage, so it was good), and a cup of fruit (cantaloupe, strawberries and bananas). I haven't figured the points yet, but I know it was a BUNCH better than what I was expecting.

Before, whenever we'd go to Denny's for breakfast, the waitress would argue with me that they couldn't make an egg-white omelet because they would be too small made only with whites. So I quit arguing with her and just would usually get oatmeal with fruit or a bowl of cereal. Yea, not very exciting for eating breakfast in a restaurant!

So what did you guys do for Memorial Day weekend? Did you make it through without eating everything in sight?

I did splurge a little (well, maybe a lot) yesterday. I had a big fat cheese burger (it had sauteed onions and mushrooms with goat cheese, Mmmm!) and onion rings. But I did good the rest of the day, on plan!

I'm going to try and eat on plan today. Gonna be hard with the cook-outs and all, but I'm gonna try. Drink plenty of water... plenty of water!!



dawn said...

That is great Cara about your shirt tail! Or the missing shirt tail! Good going.

I was a good girl and got back on track at WW too this weekend.

Good job at Dennys! Will have to check that out.


Auntie M said...

I love that on WW we can eat out anywhere!
Also, I can't imagine when that days comes and I will have a weird, where is that belly I am trying to hide moment. But, I bet it is awesome in that weird way that bodies change with weight loss.
Keep up the good work.