Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boy am I sore!

I am so sore!

That workout yesterday morning really did me in. I can't believe it! Jillian kicked my butt! — Literally!

My legs and butt and arms are so sore. I had no idea. It really looked like an easy workout.

I went walking last night. Took the dogs around the block 4 times. That's a little over a mile and a half altogether. Half hour at a leisurely pace.

I have two dogs, one is an 8-year-old Chihuahua and the other is a 2 1/2 year old shepherd/lab mix (rescue animal)—Emma.

When we first got Emma, she was very sick. We didn't know it at the time, but she had distemper. It totally freaked me out because I'd always heard that dogs who got distemper died—there was no cure. Well, there is no cure for it, actually. We found out that the only treatment for it is antibiotics. We took her to the vet, 2 days after we got her, and the vet immediately put her on antibiotics. She seemed to get better, for a day, but then she got worse again. So we took her back and they tried different antibiotics. They didn't work either. So we took her back and they "admitted" her into "puppy hospital" where she stayed for a few days so they could give her intravenous antibiotics.

That seemed to do the trick, but there were some side effects from each of the antibiotics. Things like, she'll go blind when she gets older, she'll have hip problems and a couple of others and the one that is a problem now, is the pads on her feet are extremely thin.

She's the toughest dog I've ever seen, you can do anything to her and she tolerates it and never whimpers or shows any kind of pain (no I haven't inflicted pain on her intentionally, but on accident things happen). So when she's out walking, her paws get raw (they'll even bleed if she walks for too long). But she won't tell us. She just keeps walking and wagging her tail and having a blast. So she can only go once around the block with us then she gets dropped off at the house and her "big" brother (ha ha, he's a 10-pound dog and she's 85 pounds, but he's big brother to her) gets to go around another 3 laps.

He needs the exercise the worse. He's supposed to be 9 pounds and he's one pound too heavy. But we're working on that. He's working on his first 10% :]

I posted her blog entries, from her MySpace page, if you want to read some really cute stories about her illness. They're written from her perspective... Here.

So, anyways, I'm still extremely sore, but I haven't let that slow me down. Walking every night for 30 minutes and walking with the girls 2 days this week for an hour. I'm going to try another workout tomorrow morning, but this one will be level 1. Although I know I won't be able to do much, I know I do need to keep exercising.

Eating has been going great, too. I bought some fresh baby spinach at the store yesterday and cooked that with some grilled chicken (with onions and peppers). Was very yummy. I've never cooked fresh spinach before. I didn't even know how to cook it. I had to look it up online. Ends up its about the easiest thing in the world to cook.

Thanks for all of your responses about the 18 Pounds in 18 Weeks challenge. I'll post everyone's final weights this weekend after my last weigh in.

Still no scale this morning. It's driving me crazy!



Deborah said...

I sorry you're sore :o(

But that means it's working :o)

SeaShore said...

Have you ever considered Muttluks for Emma?