Sunday, November 2, 2008

i'm getting nervious about meeting my goal...

So yesterday's weigh in wasn't that spectacular, but at least I pulled a loss.

Only lost 2/10ths of a pound, but at least it was a loss. I was convinced I was going to gain 3 pounds after the mac & cheese and sausage & peppers fiasco's.

I did quite horrible yesterday, too, after weigh in. I had a food-free-for-all. I still can't believe all I ate. I'm so embarrased about it, I don't want to tell you what I ate. I really done. But I think that's what this whole blog is all about... being accountable. So it's my duty to disclose all the junk I ate. So here goes...

  • Egg beater omlet with onions, pepper & tomatoes
  • Wheat toast with real butter and orange preserves
  • Oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins
  • Cheese Fries: French fries drenched in cheese sauce and topped with melted grated cheese and bacon strips and tons of fattening ranch dressing
  • Ruffles Chips (about half a bag) and a block of 1/3 less fat cream cheese and also about half a container of Heluva Good French onion sour cream dip
  • Pillsbury Chocolate Chip cookies (about 10-12 of them)
  • Haagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream (a small 6 ounce tub)

I have no idea how to count that many points. I don't even want to attempt. I'll just say that I killed all of my flex points for the week and call it done and behind me.

I ate very sensible today. Within my 22 daily points.

I did gain 2 pounds when I weighed myself, but I fully expected 5 pounds so I wasn't too upset by 2 pounds. I'm going to work out in over time this coming week. I have 5 pounds to lose in the next 3 weeks so I have to step it up. I really don't think it's going to happen, but I'm not going to stop trying.

I made Taco Soup tonight. I've been having pinto beans for lunch about every other day for the past couple of months because I read that pinto beans will lower your cholesterol by 20% if you have a cup every day. I don't have any problems with my cholesterol but I'm all for eating things that will help my body be more healthy. Anyways, so I got the recipe from my mom's blog who got it from JC's blog. I believe it's a WW recipe.

I was a little skeptical of it being only 1 point for a cup so I put it to the test. I looked at all of the labels from the cans and bags of ingredients and wrote down the calories, fat, fiber and sodium. I thought this might knock your socks off to see the totals: 1,740 calories, 5.5 grams fat, 64 grams of fiber, and 10,925 grams of sodium. Man that sounds like alot, huh? But it's not actually. :) Not after you divide the number of servings. I'm not sure if I did mine right because the recipe said it was 15 one-cup servings but I only got 11 one-cup servings. So mine was 2 points per serving. Still it's not bad. 2 points for a cup of soup is great. But the sodium... It ends up being 993 grams of sodium per serving. Yikes! It's so yummy, though.



Karyn said...

I keep a pot of taco soup (very similar recipie) in the fridge and have it once/day. I love it. I cut the sodium by buying no salt added tomatoes and no salt added beans.

You can reach your goal, Cara, I know it! Is the 100 pounds your final goal, or a short term goal?

Your progress picture shows how hard you have worked and how much happier and healthier you are since you began this journey..... don't lose sight of this!

Forgive me, if I speak out of place...(and after all, you are WAY ahead of me in terms of making and reaching goals)but I can't help but wonder, based on recent posts, if you are somewhat afraid of reaching your goal weight? Again, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but do you need to change your REAL goal? maybe the number on the scale should be the secondary goal....after learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

Just a thought. If I'm off base, disregard those words.

--cara said...

That's a good idea Karyn. Next time I'm going to look for no- or low-sodium tomatoes and beans.

The 100 pounds is a short-term goal. I have 132 to lose altogether. But the 100 pounds was so that I could sit down to Thanksgiving dinner and be thankful that I've lost 100 pounds.

Thanks for the honest questions. I don't think I'm afraid of my final goal, but I know it intimidates me. I feel like sometimes it's WAY out of my reach. I sometimes feel like I've already met my final goal just because of how happy and healthy I feel. I don't want to stop, though, because I want to get rid of the extra fluff around my middle. So I'll keep going and try not to let that final number intimidate me too badly.

spunkysuzi said...

It's done, it's over with and your back on plan!! That is the main thing. And have a great day today ;)
This week for the challenge i'm down -.6

Deborah said...

Congrats on the loss.

Yep, the soup is high in sodium but since I have low blood pressure I don't worry about it. I just drink lots of water after eating it. I add some water to the recipe before simmering it and maybe that is why it is 15 cups. I don't think the recipe calls for it but I just thought it needed it.

You can do 5 pounds in three weeks. I know you can. So do it and quit worrying about it.

Lake Mary WWLeader said...

Be proud of all that you have accomplished and believe that you can accomplish more! The difference between Triumph and try is a little Umph!

Michelle said...

so glad I found your blog, I've lost 17.4 lbs in about 5 weeks using WW I have saved your blog and will be checking in, keep up the exercise...