Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and losing...

I'm standing in line to vote. Line isn't so bad. I thought it would be out the door but its only maybe 20 people.

While I'm waiting...

I didn't exercise this morning because I have to vote before work, but I did exercise yesterday. Went biking! Woo hop! Haven't done that in quite a while. Maybe even a month!

Boy I could tell it too. My butt got so sore. Instantly. Then it hurt for about an hour after too. I think it was my sciatic nerve.

I got so exhausted too. I was planning on my regular 10 to 12 miles but only ended up going about 7. At least I did it. That's something. I felt so good all day, too.

Happy Vote Day!


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Donna B said...

Keep up the good work! I biked inside a little this mroning and will finish up after I vote! Plan to walk to the polls in town shortly. Hope the lines aren't too long. Have a great day and keep up the good work!