Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday, Monday, so good to me...

Good Monday morning to you all.

And thank you for the wonderful comments yesterday. :]

I had a great weekend. Hung out with hubby all weekend. Couldn't have been better. We even went and walked around the mall yesterday for no reason at all.

Tell me, ladies, how many husbands would do that? Just walk around the mall and with no agenda or reason to be there? We didn't even buy anything. Oh, except for this adorable t-shirt we got for hubby at the Disney store. It was Grumpy with his arms crossed and it said "I'm allergic to happy people". :D

I found some beautiful dresses. I mentally added them to my "goal weight closet". Can't afford to buy them (mainly because they cost over $100 each). But they were gorgeous!

On Biggest Loser last week, my favorite contestant, Colleen, the one who I wanted to win the whole thing, brought out a shirt that she had in her "goal weight closet" and tried it on and she was so excited that it fit. And it looked perfect on her, too. I'd never heard of a goal weight closet before. But I LOVE the concept. So I went out this weekend and bought a piece of clothing to start my goal weight closet.

I got this adorable little cotton tank top undershirt/nightie with matching undies that are pink with brown drawings of cupcakes all over them with brown piping. Cuz you know how much I LOVE the cupcake. They're adorable. I have them hanging on the back of my bedroom door for now. Once I add more clothing to the "closet", I'll start a section in my actual closet.

I got up this morning and did another Jillian Michaels workout. The same level one Shred video. It was still extremely hard, but I got through this one much easier than the last one. I'm sure the more I do them, the easier they'll get, though I'm sure they'll never be easy. I heard her say in this one "if this is your 5th or 6th time through this video, I'll bet things are getting easier for you". So I'm on the right track. Her video touts that you'll lose 20 pounds in 30 days. I'm not looking to lose that much. Maybe even just 2 pounds in 30 days would be good for me.

I'm still dumbfounded that it look me 4 1/2 months to lose 10 1/2 pounds. I remember the day when I could lose 10 pounds in a month. I know those days are gone. But I'm not focusing on the numbers any more. I still don't know where my scale is. Thank goodness hubby won't tell me where it is. I KNOW I'd sneak and weigh myself.

Well, how is your Monday shaping up?



Karyn said...

You sure sound much more positive lately, Cara...I'm so glad.

Your total loss was 10.5? That is almost exactly what my loss was. Did you read my post about how I felt about that number?

Good work with the workout video!

MizFit said...

great work with the video and the loss andandand the scale resisting.

soon the call of that hunk of metal will grow quieter and quieter...

JC said...

I hated that Coleen got voted off. I really liked her. I'm so proud of you even though I don't know you. I know the weight is coming off slowly but don't get discouraged. I think a goal closet is a great idea. I did see that show. I was proud of her. I'm getting into most xl petite clothes now and I'm so excited. Some are pretty tight but it does seem to help keep me on track. I say that eventhough I had a gain last night at WI.