Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Chubby Chihuahua...

Guess what I did this morning?

I went running! =D

I love this daylight savings time—well, the kind that happens in the fall. (he he)

I got up early Monday morning and took my little chubby chihuahua for a walk. He's about 2 1/2 pounds over weight. For a dog that's supposed to be 9 pounds, that's huge. Or rather, he's huge. :)

He had so much fun. I did too. I love daylight savings!

Then this morning, I decided to try something different. I haven't been running in a LONG time. But guess what? My knee didn't hurt? You wanna know why?

I bought new sneaks!

Yup, it was my sneakers that were making my knee hurt after a couple of miles of running. I'm so relieved.

I saved up and bought a nice pair of Asics. I was so happy once I passed the 2-mile mark this morning and my knee didn't start hurting. At about 2 1/2 miles, I could feel it, but it didn't hurt. It's like it was telling me, hey, I'm down here, just wanted to remind you. But no pain. Yippee!!!

I've got a medical question for you, though. Why does my heart rate always stay so high? I know my heart rate monitor is not malfunctioning because the last few times I went to the gym, I wore it and would periodically check my heart rate on the machines and they'd be exactly the same. The whole time I was running this morning, it stayed between 165 and 178. That's WAY too high. My target heart rate should be between 135-155 with spurts up to 165-175, but not for more than a couple of minutes at a time. I can only get my heart rate that low when I'm walking. What's up with that??

The weird thing is, I feel fine when my heart rate it up that high. I don't feel like I'm over exerting myself. I don't huff and puff. I breath nice and calm like.

My resting heart rate has always been a little on the high side. Usually around 80. Maybe that's it. My heart rate is just high. If anyone know, please tell me.

Oh, and I was thinking of another healthy thing that I enjoy now but would NEVER have eaten before I started my new healthy lifestyle: Subway. I have always hated Subway. It's always made me sick to my stomach after eating there. I always thought it was their bread. Now, who knows but I'm totally addicted. Last time I went, I even got a veggie sandwich. Who knew?! Me, eating a sandwich full of veggies.

So what healthy food do you eat now that you didn't used to eat before you started losing weight? Let me know on my post from a few days ago, click here, and you'll be entered for a chance to win these awesome Measure Up bowls. Contest goes til the 15th. Read this post for the rules.



screwdestiny said...

Hmm, that is strange about your heart rate. For most people, if they're heart rate is way above the target zone they feel like they're going to die or something. It could just be that you run high, like you said, but maybe you should ask your doctor next time you see him to see if he has any insight.

jinxxxygirl said...

I would say your pushing yourself too hard in the running department. But you say you feel fine and not huffing and puffing. After a long hiatus from running and to go out and run 2 1/2 miles and not be huffing and puffing is quite a feat. I would definately bring it up to your doctor. Glad your new sneaks seemed to have solved your knee problem. i know when i start to get too many aches and pains its probably time for new shoes.

MaryFran said...

yay for you for getting out and running!

I don't think the high heart rate is any issue if you are comfortable and not gasping for air or anything. (have you checked your resting heart rate....first thing in the morning...that would determine where your heart rate should be while exercising...and would let you know if you are exercising in the right zone). My question is how fast does your heartrate return to normal after it's up there...that's what's important!

Shelley said...

Great going for the run! Glad new shoes solved your knee pain (I'll bet they were worth every penny!)

We had a chubby dachshund for years - no matter how many walks we took her on or how much we limited her lite dog food, she could not lose weight. I really related to that dog!

No idea on the heart rate - I have never tracked mine.

David Showers said...

Were you thinking about me while running? I know that usually gets your heart going!

--cara said...

MaryFran, my resting HR is usually around 63-65 when I first wake up in the morning. That's why I figured my optimum HR should be between 135-155 for calorie burn. I hadn't thought about how long it takes my HR to get back to normal. I'll have to check that next time. Usually I'll walk for 5 minutes after I'm done walking and my HR only gets down to about 135-140.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I think you are working a bit too hard while running. Sometimes when I run I feel that way but just slow down for a bit and then feel regular again.

I think the whole Subway thing is very interesting! I wonder why you like it now?