Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little happiness is nice once in a while...

I did real good yesterday. At Steak N Shake, I only had the hot dog with pico de galo (no chipotle sauce) with cottage cheese & pineapple and veggie soup. Yay!! I did it!!! I was tempted to get a hamburger or a milk shake. Was really tough not to do that, though. Hubby had a yummy hamburger and mother-in-law had a milk shake. But I resisted.

To be honest, it really wasn't that hard. Isn't it funny how sometimes the temptations are irresistible and overwhelming and then sometimes they're not. I'm so happy it wasn't that bad yesterday. I need temptations like that every once in a while.

For dinner, I had Subway. I'm telling you, I'm completely addicted to Subway. So funny, because just 6 or 8 months ago, it would still make me sick to my stomach. I wonder if when they started offering the 9 grain wheat bread, they changed their recipe a bit. It always felt like it was the bread that made me sick. But now, look out! I usually get either a turkey (no cheese) with TONS of veggies on the 9 grain (6 inch of course) or just veggies. I get the light mayo and yellow mustard on it, which is the icing on the cake. Their mayo is so yummy. I know it ads a point to the sandwich, but it's only 5 points for the turkey and 4 points for the veggie. So it's totally worth it!

Usually Saturdays include a huge splurge of some sort. But I didn't splurge.

Today, however, I did splurge, but just a little bit. I had a steak and cheese quesadilla for lunch. It was probably about 15 points, including the sour cream I had with it. It was so yummy, though. Then I had a churro for dessert—probably another 4 points. But I had a 6-point breakfast and only 2 points for dinner and I feel totally satisfied.

All in all, my weekend was pretty good and under control. I feel good. I like feeling good about my food choices. I've been out of control for so long. I'm starting to feel normal again.

I've been noticing over-weight people lately. I think this is helping with my motivation. Because I keep remembering what it was like for me when I was that big. I was miserable. I had no self-worth. I just wanted to hide from the world. Sure, the people who were closest to me were so great about it. They'd never say anything negative and they'd love me no matter what I looked like. Especially my husband, David. He's so supportive. You know after I'd lost a bunch of weight and I started looking good, he said how he always wanted me to lose weight so I could feel as good as I looked. He would never have said anything to me, though, because he loves me no matter what I look like. Proof positive of that was how he treated me—like a queen—when I was 275 pounds. I love him for that. But I know what he was talking about. I feel so much better now. So healthier. So happier. More energy. More happiness. It's been such a hard journey—the hardest thing I've EVER done in my life—but it's been totally worth every second.

I tell you one thing, though, I don't ever want to do this again! Once I lose this weight, I AM NOT gaining it back. No way I can do this again!

Are you with me?



MaryFran said...

I am soooo with you!

You talk about remembering the feelings of having no self worth. As I've gained some of the weight back, I've encountered those feelings again. I can tell you, it's not pretty to revisit.

SeaShore said...

Oh, I'm with you! I never want to regain again, either. Fact is, it would dramatically raise my stroke risk again, and once more I'd be on many medications :( Highly motivating.

Shelley said...

So glad you are feeling in control again! And yes, I am with you...once these pounds are gone, I never want to see them again and this time will actually work on maintenance instead of assuming it will just happen.

Anonymous said...

You are doing fantastic! We went through a Subway phase.... I am sad to say it is over now. I got totally burned out. I have to say though, Subway was a huge help getting us to goal. You really felt like you got to eat substance and the points were so minimal!

Keep up the great work!

As always, I so enjoyed your post!