Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weigh in... not exactly a drum roll moment...

Weigh in this morning... I broke even. No gain. No loss. :|

I guess that's better than a gain, right?! I was really expecting a gain, but not for what you think. I did exactly what I did last week but a little more. I ate the same number of points every day and counted my flex points (which were all used last weekend). But this week, I exercised every day. Okay, so walking the dog isn't really exercising, but it's more than I've been doing, right? That's gotta count! I moved more this past week, how's that?

But my daily scale weigh ins at home showed that I'd lost 8/10ths of a pound as of yesterday morning. Then this morning, I was up a whole pound from yesterday's weight. So I figured I was gonna gain when I got to WW. Don't know why the heck I gained a whole pound in one day of eating on points and moving more. Who knows.

But after my 4 pound loss last week, it's okay that I didn't lose this week. It'll all average out, right?

I'm enjoying walking in the mornings with Mocha (a.k.a. the chubby chihuahua). I'm only taking him for half hour walks to start with. I figured I'd do half hour blocks for the coming week as well, then the following week I can start walking with him longer. He hasn't been enjoying himself that much. Yesterday, he stopped after only 10 minutes out and like a stubborn mule, refused to budge another inch. With doggies, I always listen to their instincts. They can sense things that we can't. So we stopped (like I had a choice) and turned around. So we only walked for 20 minutes yesterday.

It's been so nice and cool in the mornings. I LOVE daylight savings in the fall!!

So my goals for the coming week are to focus in on every day, one-at-a-time. Today, my goal is to NOT eat like a pig. I might go over my points for today, but I'm not giving it as much effort as I did last weekend.

We're heading to Steak N Shake for lunch today. Ugh! Nothing healthy there. So I'm gonna go for small portions and reasonable choices. I'm thinking of their hot dog with pico de galo and a small fry and water. I don't know how much their hot dog is, but WW's says a regular hot dog is 7 points. Their small fries are 6 points, UGH! I really don't even like their fries. Maybe I should go for cottage cheese and pineapple instead. It's only 2 points. Yea! That's what I'll do!!

Smart choices. Keep that in the front of your head.

How about you guys? What are your goals for this week?



screwdestiny said...

My goal is to exercise more than twice. I've been getting kind of lazy with that lately and I'm not exactly sure why because it does make me feel really good. So I'm shooting for four to five times.

Shelley said...

My goal is to eat a decent amount of vegetables every day this week - something I get lax about when my husband goes out of town.

Just wondering...why go to the Steak N Shake when the healthy menu options are so limited?

--cara said...

I'm with both of you. Exercise more than twice and eat more veggies. Great goals. I suck at eating my fruits and veggies. I really need to plan better to eat them every day.