Friday, October 3, 2008

the things I think about...

I'm sorry I haven't been posting alot lately. Actually, I think it's been a week since I've posted. I've been really busy, lately, but mostly I think I've just been in a funk again. Life just keeps moving along whether I want it to or not.

I've been exercising and eating just like I should. I walked once this week and biked 3 times. I over indulged just a little bit last weekend, but not really all that bad. But for some reason, I'm still up 3 pounds since last Saturday's weigh in.

I've been noticing how good I feel lately. I mean, 94 pounds gone! My body feels so much better. I feel more confident. I don't feel like everyone is starring at me thinking "ugh, look at that fat slob". I almost feel normal again. Like it wouldn't be so weird if some guy actually looked at me and though "wow, she's cute".

People have been telling me how good I look alot lately. That helps so much, you know. It makes all this sacrifices a little more worth it. And I'm so proud of the weight I've lost. People are always so shocked when they find out how much I've lost. And I'm so proud to tell anyone how much I've lost. It's almost like "Hi, my name is Cara. Did you know I've lost 94 pounds?) :]

Then they're surprised to hear that I have 30 pounds more to go. I know, alot of them are just being nice and saying 'you look so good, you don't need to lose any more', because that's the polite thing to say. But it still feels good to hear them say that.

I wonder how much of this 30 pounds is the extra skin I have hanging on my body? My arms are so darn floppy and my tummy just hangs. I just wonder if I'll get down so low and I won't be able to lose any more because it'll be the extra skin. I wonder if it'll go away? I wonder if I'll continue losing weight as the years go by and the skin "evaporates".

And where does the skin go? It'll eventually shrink back down to normal size (I hope!). I know some of it might not just because it's too far stretched out. But some of it will. And where will it go? It's kind of weird to think of, you know?

That's one thing I've always been fascinated by is when people lose a huge amount of weight and they're still young enough for the skin to shrink back down, how does that effect their weight loss? Like Kelly Fields from the Biggest Loser last season. She started at 271 pounds and lost 109 during the show. She was only 3 years younger than me so I figure we're in the same boat. When she got down to the finale, you could still see a little bit of flab on her, which I'm sure was the extra skin. She was 162 pounds. But I wonder how much of that weight was the skin. I'll bet a younger competitor could have lost more just because their extra skin went away whereas it took Kelly (and me) alot more time to get rid of the extra skin.

I don't know. These are the things I think about.

Hope you're all doing well. I'll visit your blogs and get caught up on everyone over the weekend.



Deborah said...

Just be thankful, honey, that you're getting it off before you're my age. I emailed a doctor and asked him about the extra skin problem. He said that the skin loses elasticity over the years. He said that if I were 20 or 30 or 40 most of it would disappear but at 60+ none of it will. Unless you let another doctor use a knife on it of course. So according to him, for you, most of it will shrink back to where it should be. But for me, I'll just have to put up with a waddle under my chin and arms that look like a flying squirrel and I may have to get a tattoo on my belly to remind you to "lift and wash." Don't want Mommy smelling do ya?

Donna B said...

Heard the same thing as Deborah, but I also heard that exercise helps firm you up so it is not as noticeable. An article I recently read in "Prevention" said walking is the best exercise for toning up the tummy. Keep up the good work!

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Anonymous said...

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