Sunday, March 8, 2009

Getting ready for the 10K next Saturday...

Well, being as I have less than a week to my FIRST EVER 10K, I decided to run 10K (6.3 miles) this morning. I have only tried this one time before and it went pretty good.

Well, this morning was a different story. I mapped out a different route. I get bored doing the same routes over and over. And though the route was okay, it was so hot out there. I didn't start running until almost 8:30. I wanted to get started around 7, but with the time change, it didn't get light until 8. Through my whole schedule off. And the sun was HOT.

I'm learning that the first 2 miles are my hardest. Up until I reach the 2-mile mark, I feel like I won't be able to go on. I think I get a little over zealous that I start running a little harder and it wares me out faster. My heart rate stayed in the mid- to upper-170s for those first 2 miles. I had to stop and walk at the 1st mile marker for about a half a minute. Then again at the 2nd mile marker.

But after the 2nd mile, I started doing just fine. I settled into my pace and didn't want to stop. That is, until the 5 mile marker. That's when I hit a brick wall. All of the sudden, without warning, my legs started knotting up. You know when you get a toe cramp or a calf cramp when your muscle just locks up and won't let you move it? That's how my thighs and calves started feeling. They felt solid as a rock. I almost couldn't continue. So I stopped running and when I did, my left knee started hurting. Just below my knee cap where the tendon connects to the cap to the shin. I thought I was done.

I didn't even think I was pushing myself too hard at all. I had felt fine up until then. I didn't want to injure myself, so I decided to walk for the last 2 miles (my route actually took me 7 miles rather than 6.3). I walked for about 15 minutes and started feeling refreshed and no aches or stiff muscles at all, so I started running again. I was able to run, comfortably, until I got to my cool down lap around my community.

All day long, my legs have been so tight. My knee didn't give me any trouble until the evening. Now it's sore again. I'm definitely taking it easy this week. An injury is the LAST thing I want. That's the main reason why I run so slow. I want to be able to run for years to come. Speed is not my goal. Slow and steady is. Heck, I've only been running since the middle of December. I'm not ready to push hard yet.

On the flip side, I burned over 2,000 calories! Wow! I don't know if I've ever burned 2,000 calories before. I figured I could have a little heavier breakfast once I got home so I fixed real bacon with real eggs, obrian potatoes and toast. Was a GREAT breakfast.

I still stayed within my points for the day, though. I had a very light but thoroughly satisfying dinner and popcorn for my evening snack.

On a somber note, one of my childhood icons (and I'm sure alot of yours too) dies last week. Paul Harvey was 90. Wow! 90! How amazing is that! I sure hope I live to 90. Paul Harvey meant so much to me growing up and listening to his show. I seriously looked forward to his show every week. "And that's... the rest of the story." Those words are so precious to me. I'll never forget him. His son still tells the rest of the story on radios across the world. I wish he had a podcast, I'd love to be able to listen to him while I was running. But I still listen to him on the internet on his website when I can.

UPDATE: Monday @ lunch time: My legs don't hurt at all today. Whew! I was so afraid they would be aching. My knee's fine too. No soreness at all. I'm going to go running again tonight, but only 3 miles. I don't want to take it too fast. Slow is better for me. :)



tisha85 said...

Two THOUSAND calories? You ROCK Cara! W O W!

jinxxxygirl said...


I KNOW this may not be the thing to say or what you might want to hear but i really think you are doing too much too fast girl. I know its your choice and i should mind my own business but i've been in a similar place where you are at now.
Calves like rocks, painful. Problem is , it turned into a chronic condition. Even stretching before i ran and after did not alleviate the problem much. I was going out too hard and too fast. The mind wanted to go go go but the body wasn't ready yet.
If your really in this for the long haul your gonna have to step back. Do the 5k with hubby then MAYBE you could do the 10k by run a mile , walk a mile , run a mile etc.
Ofcourse girl this is just my opinion , take it with a grain of salt. LOL! Take care of you! Jinx!

MizFit said...

Im a little bit with jinxxxgirl but Im not a runner---kind of for that reason.
I cant do it at all w/out some sort of pain and PAIN to me equals STOP.

let me know if you want any other thoughts.

you know where I am :)

Trish said...

Great job!

I too am sad about Paul Harvey, have fond memories of hearing..."Now you know the rest of the story."

Nat said...

Wow! Good job! I used to be a kindof runner and trained for a while for a specific big race. I remember the same feelings. I had a spot in my hip that started "talking" to me when I got past the point I had never gone before. It was weird. But, I ran through it and was fine in the long run.

Sharon said...

I am a retired runner myself. I loved every minute of my running career! I did races for about 5 years including half marathons. It was the training for a full marathon where I injured my knee and was told to stop running by my doctor. That was my only serious injury but I had run ins with plantar fascitis and sore achilles tendon and of course shin splints. I would say take cold baths when you have a bad or painful run as they help with inflammation and then rest for a few days but cross train those days just don't run. You have to learn from experience when an injury is overuse or something more serious. Just listen to your body.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your first race.


IRJessica said...

Super glad to see your okay update! I don't fully understand what cross train is, but I sure see it on EVERY darn running site! Note to self: look up crosstraining.

You burned 2,000 cal???? Way to go!

Lake Mary WWLeader said...

Fantastic job on the calories! Please take it easy on pushing yourself too hard. Slow and steady gets you to the race this time. Remember the tortoise and the hare will still be there to guide you to the finish line. Best wishes from all of your Weight Watchers staff on your 10K Saturday!