Monday, March 9, 2009

Running and Winning...

I didn't go running tonight. I didn't get home until too late. I'm so glad I'm not sore today. I was afraid I was going to be.

I want to thank you guys for all your encouragement. That's why I love this blogging thing so much. We encourage each other and support each other when we need it the most.

I wanted to let you know, too, that I'm definitely not pushing myself too hard. I'll be the first to say that I am taking this whole running thing s-l-o-w. I'm in this for the long haul. I want to be able to run for years and I know if I push it too hard too fast I won't be able to do that.

I've done alot of reading and research on running and the main thing I've learned is that if you run and it hurts, you're doing it wrong. I've learned that I can run very far without any discomfort or even being out of breath at all.

When I run, I run so slow it's just barely running. And I always make sure I'm breathing through my nose only. If I ever get to where I can't breathe through my nose, I either slow down or stop and walk.

That's why I was so surprised that my legs got so tight. It really came out of the blue. I was feeling just fine and comfortable in my stride. What happened, happened so suddenly. And as soon as it happened, I didn't push through. I stopped running and started walking very slow.

When my knee started hurting, I wanted to call hubby to come and get me so I wouldn't push it any further. He was sick (bless his heart), so that's why I kept walking. After that, I felt fine. And I never got sore. My legs were a little tight last night, and I was afraid I was going to be sore today, but I woke up just fine. And felt fine all day. And my knee has been wonderful.

On a little different subject, I'm so excited that I'm the Biggest Loser. You heard right. I started the Biggest Loser Blog Edition challenge in January and I never thought I'd actually be the biggest loser. My losses have been so tiny lately. But after that fluke of a loss this past Saturday, I actually lost more than anyone else (by percentage of body weight).

Check it out. Go here and you'll see my name in there as the Biggest Loser and if you click on the chart, you'll see everyone who's on my team--The A Team. They're all so great. Always so encouraging. You guys have helped me stay focused lately. What a team!

I'm so psyched! I never win anything. But I did it. I've been going around all day saying "I'm the Biggest Loser, I'm the Biggest Loser!"




Herbalife Las Vegas said...

Congratulations on being the biggest loser!! I ran today myself about a 5K. I agree if you run right you won't hurt as much. But its hard to do sometimes. I take a product that helps your body produce more Nitric Oxide, it has really helped elevate any soreness I get.

jinxxxygirl said...

Yeah Caraa!!!The Biggest Loser!!!!Sounds like your doing everything right Cara and most importantly listening to your body. I guess i just planning on running only as far as i have to run to achieve the results i want and doing so as fast as i can . A 10k may one day in my very distant future but for now i 'am very happy plugging along for a 5k. As long as i'am still getting weightloss results then three miles is fine with me. I just don't want you to hurt yourself but i think your doing GREAT! Jinx!

MizFit said...

congratulations, Loser!!!!

youre doing a great job.

Trish said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations!

Lauri said...

Congratulations!! I didn't realize this existed. I did see the icon on your page, but in my mind I thought it was a place to blog about the biggest loser show, something like that. And since I don't watch it, I never bothered to click to see what it was. I am so proud of you! You have come so far. You are such an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

spunkysuzi said...

Congrats on being the biggest loser this week :)
And i think your doing awesome on the running, in fact i plan on asking questions once i can start doing it myself!!

Laura said...


IRJessica said...

I was so excited when I saw you on there-- way to go!! I think your post "the battle" was terrific! Hope you keeps melting away in healthy increments.

Way to go!!

Carol said...

I just ran across your blog and was interested to read that you are just beginning to run. I like to encourage all new runners, so hang with it and you will be able to enjoy it for a life time. However, I have to say I've never heard anything about breathing through your nose only. I can't imagine trying to just breath through your nose. Your muscles need oxygen, much more than you can get through just your nose. If you breath deeply your muscles will appreciate it as will your cardio vascular system.

Best Exercise for Losing Weight said...

One word.. Congrate