Monday, March 30, 2009

One day at a time, sweet Jesus...

First of all, thank you guys so much for your encouraging comments. What would I do without you??

Jinxxxgirl's comment, I know, I have a tendency to push myself too hard. I figure, I can do it, no biggie. Mind over matter type of thing. So I've been taking it a little easier lately. Well, last week I didn't exercise at all, so that doesn't count. And I was going to get up Sunday morning and do a 10K loop around the neighborhood but I didn't. That's probably because of exactly what you said. It was too overwhelming and I just didn't feel like busting my butt doing it.

Kelly's comment, I know, look how far I've come. I sometimes forget about that. I just look at my "fluffy" overweight self and wish I was skinny. I forget the fluffiness used to be horribly poochie and bulgie. I need to acknowledge that more often.

IRJessica's comment, thanks for the encouragement about the calorie burn. I've done alot of research about it lately and I know my burn amounts are okay. For me that is. And besides that, all bodies are different. There is an average in there somewhere for everything, but you just have to see what works for you/me and go with it.

Jenn's comment, have you considered raising your goal weight by a few pounds? If you try sticking to your points for a while but the weight still doesn't come off you might try that. David's mom had to do that. She got down to her goal and then tried everything to stay there but she just couldn't after months and months of trying she finally raised her goal weight by 5 pounds and from then on she didn't have any problem staying at goal and getting free WW meetings.

Lauri's comment, I know, I "technically" have lost 100 pounds, but it was the WW goal that I'm really gunning for. I think I just need to take my eyes off the ominous 100 pound mark and just start focusing on losing. Not how much, but just that there's a loss. I've been tempted to change my mind set to say that I've already hit my 100 pound goal (when, I know, technically I have) but it would just feel like cheating right now. Just because I've been focused on the 100 WW goal for so long.

MizFit comment, you're so right. One day at a time. That's where I need to keep my focus. Today, watch what I eat, exercise and forget about yesterday or tomorrow. That's probably what I need to focus in on more than anything else. How did I do today?

That being said, I went running last night. I went my regular 3.5 mile route. I actually had to walk the last half mile or so. But I'm fine with that. I went running and that's what counts the most. I burned 932 calories! I think most of it was during the 1st mile. I couldn't get my heart rate to slow down. It started out around 160 and went between 165 and 175 for the first mile or so. I tried slowing my pace and taking deep breaths and even walked for a few seconds then ran for a few minutes to try and slow it down. Finally it did, though. After that it stayed between 145-155--perfect!

One day at a time. I can do this. I will do this. What did I do today to help me lose weight? Focus on the present. The future will take care of itself, right?



IRJessica said...

You are awesome! I love reading about your runs- like you just pop out there and go for it. Getting started is where I struggle...

And your calorie burns are awesome too! I've got a birthday in a couple months, and I'm getting a good hrm. Yup. I think it will be a fun game to compare from workout to workout.

MaryFran said...

You are so right...focus on the present! Great advice for not only yourself but everyone reading this!