Thursday, April 17, 2008

my thursday was MUCH better (except for the pain)...

So, I played hookie from work this afternoon. Woo Hoo!!!

Actually, it was for a bad reason. My pre-menssie turned into a full blown menssie with raving cramps. (I know, more than you probably wanted to know!)

I should have know. With all the emotions pouring on. I should have known that the horrible pain was sure to follow.

So not very much was going on at work today. Sure I had some things to do, but if they waited until tomorrow, that would be okay. So I to a half personal day and went home and put my feet up on the couch and stayed there the rest of the afternoon.

The good thing was that I had this book that I've been so engrossed in for the past week and a half and have had NO time at all to read it. It's really spell pounding and compelling and I was getting so mad because I could only find 5 minutes a day to read it.

So I had about 4 hours to read it and I almost finished it. I had to quit at 5:30 when hubbie got home. I have only about 40 pages left. Ugh!!

Oh, well, the good thing is, at 5 minutes a day, I should have these last 40 pages read by, say, oh, NEXT WEEK!

Was a great afternoon, though. I opened the windows and let the sun and cool breeze in while propping my feet up and reading. No noises. No distractions. No TV. No nothing. Just me and my awesomely wonderful book.

Was a great afternoon.

How 'bout you guys? How does your day compare to mine?


Cara said...

Sorry about the pain, but at least you could enjoy some quiet time at home ;-)

Donna said...

Lucky! I so wish I could take the rest of today off and just relax at home in my jammies. Then again, I'd rather work than have cramps... boo!

I wish I could open the windows and let in some light, but they just issued a weather warning for Seattle that it might snow this weekend!!!!!! Global Warming, my booty! It's cold outside!