Saturday, April 5, 2008

weigh in today wasn't really as bad as it sounded...

I'll start off by saying that I gained weight this week but I'm happy about that.

You're probably wondering how on earth someone could be happy about gaining weight?

Well, I'll tell you why I'm so happy...

It was only 2/10ths of a pound!!

I was really, seriously expecting to gain 2-3 lbs!!

You wouldn't believe all the crap I ate last week. I wont go into all the details, but I will say that I had two 5-point cookies, one 5-point brownie, an 18-point sandwich WITH FRIES, home made lasagna with real garlic bread with real butter, an 11 OUNCE STEAK (yes, people, I said ELEVEN OUNCES!!) with a baked potato with REAL butter and REAL sour cream, oh and I had french fries THREE times this week. AAAAHHHHH!!!

Well, I could go on. And I know you're going to be tempted to say congratulations for such a small weight gain, but please refrain. I don't deserve any congratulations at all.

I deserve "What were you thinking!!!" or "You were horrible last week" or even "Come on, Cara, snap out of it, get back on plan!!". So if you want to leave me any comments like that, I totally deserve every last one of them, so don't hold back on me.

I will say this, though, I AM BACK ON PLAN.

I started right after weigh in this morning. I've already journaled everything I've eaten today and was able to keep it below my 24 daily allotment of points, which I'll have to say I've not done in many, many months on a Saturday. Usually my Saturdays are where I used most, if not all, of my extra 35 points. But I'm going to try my hardest not to use them this weekend and save them for when I might need them during the week. I'm baking cookies and cupcakes for a bake sale this week and I know I'll be tempted to have one of each. So I'm sure I'll need the extra points.

So let me have it. Bad Cara!!!

P.S. I'm really bummed because I lost my favorite weigh in lady today. Charlotte has weighed me in since I started WW last May. She's quitting the weigh ins and training to be a leader. I'll miss her. I hope the next lady learns to weigh me like Charlotte. :(


Cara said...

As you can tell, your metabolism is already increasing since you didn't really gain much at all from all the goodies, etc. So take that as a good sign. You are doing awesome, and despite a few screw ups, I am SURE you can continue to do amazing. So keep at it ;-)

Donna said...

Cara! How could you! What were you thinking!?

Actually, I'm sure we all know what you are thinking. Can I get an Amen? But way to get back on track! I definitely splurged a little this weekend, but stickin' the plan!


TeaMouse said...

I've been down that road before - the best thing is to pick yourself up like you did and continue on. I tend to think I've totally blown it and continue with my destructive eating.

I've just found your blog and I've just started my weight loss journey and I really find it inspiring to see other people going through the same stuff as I am. I have 80 - 90 pounds to lose. I haven't decided yet on my goal weight. I am 230 and I think I want to be 130 or 140.