Friday, April 4, 2008

thank goodness it's friday, but...

I'm so glad it's Friday, but then again, I'm not. Tomorrow is weigh in and I've been horrible this week.

I haven't journaled anything I ate.

Oh, sure, I give good advice... 'journaling is the key to weight loss' ... 'if you don't journal, you'll get off track and gain in no time' ... 'how do you know when you've had too much for the day unless you journal' ... etc., etc., etc.

But here I am, Friday night, less than 12 hours from weigh in and my journal for this week is completely blank.

Its showing on the scale, too.

On Monday, I was up a pound. By Wednesday morning, I was up two pounds. I kept telling myself... 'weight fluctuates during the week, I still have time to turn it around'. But did I? Uh, no.

And then I had the mentality of 'well, I'm up, I might as well enjoy myself if I'm going to gain'.

And so I did.

Wednesday night we went to a friends house to help her husband with his website and we had lasagna... real lasagna!!! With garlic bread and this yummy fruit mixture that was flavored with sugar and lime juice and topped with real heavy cream whipped topping. I'll bet the whole dinner as 30 points.

Now mind you, I'd already eaten through my 35 flex points last weekend. I think by Monday I had maybe 5 flex points left. And being as I only get 24 points a day, I think it's safe to say I went way over on Thursday.

To my surprise, when I woke up on Thursday morning, after the yummy lasagna dinner and I was down 2 pounds. WHAT??? Does that make any sense whatsoever???!!!

And because of the newly lost 2 pounds, I treated myself to a steak dinner Thursday night. I had a baked potato with real butter and real sour cream and these sauteed veggies that I'm sure were 10 points for the bunch of them.

It's like I just couldn't stop myself.

And so this morning, I was up a pound, so for lunch I decided to have this California Club sandwich from TGI Fridays that had swiss cheese, turkey, ham, avocado, mayo and 18 points attached to it. Not to mention the mashed potatoes.


Oh, yea, did I tell you I had a brownie this afternoon??? I made them last night completely from scratch with the saved chocolate bars melted in the pot and everything. By the way, they were 5 points each!!!

I'm off to have some left over pizza my daughter just brought home.

Somebody stop me!!!!

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