Wednesday, April 30, 2008

traffic court and hot dogs...

Today was a little busier at work. Tomorrow is proof day for the magazine and so I had a ton of pages to finalize so the editors can proof them tomorrow. Of course, everything comes in last minute so I feel like I'm way behind. Will have to go in early tomorrow to get a jump on things to make sure everything stays on schedule.

'Nuff about work... I'm still up a few pounds from last Sat's WI. Not exactly sure why, I'm just going with the punches right now. Last Sat I was up 8/10 of a pound from the previous Sat. Now, I'm up about 4 more pounds. And it doesn't seem to be dropping off like it does sometimes during the week.

Deep breath... These things happen... All is not lost... (she says calmly while biting her fingernails to the nubs)

I didn't get to walk with the girls this morning. Last night, late, my daughter tells me that she has to drive downtown to traffic court (long story, short... to get some points taken off her license). Of course, I'm not letting her drive all the way down there by herself. It's a half hour away and she's only been driving solo for about 3 months. So I find out that they open at 7:30 so we decide to go down there when they open, hoping that by some miracle from heaven, I'll be able to make it to work on time (at 8:30). Well, that didn't happen. Apparently, the court house must of taken a few lessons from the airports and they screen everyone before you can enter the building. We walk through the massive stone and iron front doors only to fine like 100 people standing in a turn-style, rope-lined, assembly line waiting to be scanned and pillaged by the security team. What an ordeal!

It ends up I was only a half hour late to work today. Not bad, actually. I thought I'd be hours late.

Glad that's over with. Now, instead of my auto insurance quadrupling, it'll only triple come renewal time. Ugh!

Oh, and the orange pineapple pie I made was AWESOME! Man, it might be even better than the strawberry pie (if that's even possible).

I have a question for you guys... how do you like your hot dogs? My mother and I were discussing how we like our hot dogs and it occurred to me that there are probably a million different ways to have them topped and most of the different ways are regional. How do you like your hot dog?


Deborah said...

You are too funny, I was just thinking this morning that we should start a hot dog forum and you done went and beat me to it. Great minds and all that jazz. And I get to be the first.

I like mine on an English bun with mustard, chili, slaw and onions.

Fatinah said...

that's funny that you ask about hot dogs - there was a blogger the other day that got told she was unhealthy because she had a low fat hot dog for supper!

I love them with.....mustard & onions. mmmmmmmmmmm

Cara said...

I like my hot dogs off the grill with ketchup or mustard (never both). But I only eat them during bbq parties or something.

The weight will come off, it is probably just your muscles trying to retain your water to keep building up :-)

Donna said...

I'm boring, I like my hotdogs either on a bun, fresh off the grill with ketchup (no mustard)


cut up in my macncheese like the olden days. *sigh* sometimes I miss childhood.

How are you doing on the Couch to 5k? I agree with Cara about the weight gain, it's probably just the muscles building up. :) Are you looking forard to having runners legs?

Pinky said...

I like my hot dog rolled up in a corn tortilla with a little bit of salsa or on a bun with chili, cheese & onions.