Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another weigh in another gain...

Well, I think last week might have been a fluke.

I gained 4/10ths of a pound this week.

Who knows.

I did the same thing I did last week. I ate high protein, high fiber, low fat, low sodium, low sugar all week. I drank 65 to 85 ounces of water every day (8-10 glasses). Only had chicken, turkey and seafood (shrimp & crab) with fresh veggies and fresh fruits. Whole grains. Omega 3 & 6 oils. Hard cheese dairy products only. Very well balanced. Nothing processed. All natural like God had intended for us to eat.

I did hard-core exercise twice and walked with the girls once. (Yea, I probably should have done more. My goal was hard-core three times and walking twice.) I walked every night after dinner for a half hour (fast paced). Took the stairs and parked in the back of the parking lot every day. Walked to visit co-workers rather than emailing as much as possible.

The only thing I can think is that it must have been the Lasagna Tuesday night. We had a coupon at an Italian restaurant and I had a week moment and ate a whole huge order of greasy, cheese and oh-so-yummy lasagna. Maybe it just stuck with me longer than I thought.

Oh, well, I'm not discouraged. Because I feel so much better eating the way I have been. I don't even want to cheat today. I'm just craving healthy food so much, now. I came back from the meeting and immediately fixed myself a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with flaxseed, soy milk and dried cranberries. Yum yum! After meeting is usually when I'll fix myself a big plate of scrambled eggs with whatever kind of bad-for-you food I can pile in there with greasy potatoes and some sort of greasy breakfast meat.

Weight Watchers was good today. Hubby went with me (he's been kind of hit or miss lately) and I think the meeting was a help. There was another woman who was going through the same thing. She had gone off plan a while back and, though she's back on plan, she's been having a hard time committing to it.

WW has a new plan coming out next week called Momentum. It's a combination of Flex and Core where you count your points but eat the "fuller" foods from the core plan. I think I should come up with my own plan. It's a combination of eating only healthy (clean) foods but still counting points. Hmm. What could I call it. Clean and Flex? CleanFlex?




Deborah said...

Good job on the clean eating! It probably was the lasagna, you know how full of fat that stuff is if you get it out and not make it yourself.

Donna B said...

Like your idea of "clean and flex" program. Even if you didn't have a loss, you should feel good about eating clean with unprocessed foods. That is eztremely hard to do these days. I count calories and fitness in Spark People, and have done Weight Watchers several times in the past and LOVE their programs. Just wasn't in the budget this year with losing my job. The only thing I miss are the flex points, since occassionally I go over calories one day a week and don't know how to recover from them. Keep up the good work!

spunkysuzi said...

I know that little bit will be off in no time!! It is annoying and it's happened to my hubby this week. It's hard not to get discouraged when you don't see a loss with your hard work! Here's to a great week ahead :-)

Katschi said...

I think it's just your body adjusting things around.
You watch, next week you'll see another big loss if you eat clean & exercise this week.
I, too, am craving healthy foods!
The other day it was egg whites & bruschetta that I was hankering for & bananas :)
Isn't it wonderful, Cara? And almost funny that this could happen to people so used to eating the wrong foods.

Tena said...

I like that "Clean and Flex" idea!

Good for you, Cara, that you didn't get discouraged. It's all that healthy food that's giving you a good healthy attitude!

Joseph said...
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Joseph said...
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