Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weigh in today went better than expected...

I lost a pound this week!

One whole pound.

At first, I was a bit bummed. I hear Katschi talking about how she loses 5 pounds a week on the Eat Clean Diet. But I have to remember that everyone is different. She's a bit heavier that me (sorry Katschi) and when I was that weight, I could lose 5 pounds in a week from eating healthy and on plan. Those days are behind me. I know. So I changed my mind and I'm now ecstatic that I lost A WHOLE POUND!


I worked hard for that pound. Here's what I did:
  • Exercised 7 days a week: Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred workout 3 times, Walking with the girls for 60 minutes, 2 times, and walking in the evenings with the dogs for 30 minutes every night.
  • Ate clean all 7 days—stayed under my alotted 21 points through WW.
  • Only splurged on ONE meal—seriously! That one meal was Saturday night. Was at a very fancy restaurant (the food was sinfully divine!) that we would NEVER have gone to had we not recieved a gift card from a freelance client of my husbands. Seriously, the meal cost $80 for the 2 of us. Thank goodness we had enough on the card to put the tip—which was $15, man!
  • Drank my allotted water every day. Actually, I just found out that I drank about twice as much as I was supposed to. I always thought WW told you to drink 8 cups of water a day, but I found out this morning it was only 6 cups. I've been drinking about 12 cups a day.

I got another paper clip this morning. If you don't know, at our WW meeting, the leader lets us take one paper clip from the "treasure chest" (a little wooden treasure box) for every full pound of accumulated weight loss. I haven't been able to add a paper clip to my chain for 2 months (9 weeks, actually). I was so excited to add a paper clip. I have 97 paperclips on my chain, now... see? The way I do my chain is the dark colored clips (blue) are every 5 pounds and the pink ones are for the in between pounds. I have one gold clip in there (2nd row from the outside at the bottom right corner)—that one is for my 50 pounds. When I reach my 100 pounds, I'll get another gold clip and then again when I reach my goal. When I'm done, I'm hoping to have 132 paperclips on my chain.

I can't wait for the finale of Biggest Loser. I SO hope Michelle wins. Have you guys been watching it. I can't stand Vicki. Its so wonderful that Michelle is in the top two to go to the finals. The other 2 are Hebba and Ed. I couldn't care less which one of them makes it, as long as Michelle is there.

I did the math on their percentages, cause it's all about who's lost the biggest percentage of weight at the finals. And Ed has lost 24%, Heba has lost 25%, Vicki has lost 30% and Michelle 33%. So if they keep going the way they have on the ranch, Michelle will definitely win. She could totally be the next Ali (from last year).

Check out this video of Vicki. It's hilarious. Alot of the clips, I've seen before, but watch at the end when she has her last weigh in. I laughed out loud at work when I watch it.


spunkysuzi said...

Way to go on your awesome loss!! I too would love to lose a lb :) Funny thing is i can't stand Vicky I would love to see anyone else win!
And yes you worked hard for that kiddo i'm so impressed with your hard work, you definitely inspire me.

Jenn said...

Good job, Cara! Way to go on all the changes you've been making! I actually have not weighed myself in 2 days. Your right, it does make you feel better to not have that stress. By the way, I am totally hoping Michelle wins too! I can't stand Heba and Vicki! I will be so mad if one of them wins. Thanks for doing the percentages on their weight-loss. I'll be watching Tuesday night!

Donna B said...

Good Job!
When you get so close to your goal I think it is really tought to lose more than 1-2#'s a week. Iknow I have 20#'S TO lose to my goal and no matter what I have tried, I can't lose more than 1# a week. I have learned to accept it, since I really don't want to starve myself or change my exercise too much, since this is a lifestyle change. In the past, I gained it all back since it was too hard to maintain. So for me slow....but sure to my goal. Keep up the good work!

The Devil's Dance Floor said...

I just wanted to say congrats to you on your 1 lb loss this week. I just found out blog (through BlogHer) and I hope you don't mind me adding you to continue reading as you are on your journey!

BTW- I loved the Biggest Loser clip. I'm also rooting for Michelle!