Monday, December 1, 2008

I think I'm becomming healthy...

My days are going quite good. I feel very good. Very healthy. Very fit.

I'm still eating clean. I'm getting better and better at it. And still staying inside my 22 points a day. I love how I can be on both plans at the same time. I think that's a testament to both of them. Not many "diets" could do that, you know. But being as they're both "lifestyles" they both work perfectly.

I'm getting used to the egg white omelets for breakfast. I'm mixing in all kinds of cool things. I still have my steel cut oatmeal. I haven't added any supplements to my diet. I'm not sure if I will do that. We'll see.

I found a yummy recipe for Pumpkin Pie French Toast on Spunky Suzi's blog. I'm definitely going to try that. But tomorrow morning, I'm making pumpkin protein pancakes. If it turns out okay, I'll leave the recipe on here tomorrow.

I had a BLT for lunch today. First of all, if you knew me well, you'd know I HATE BLTs! I always have. My sister was always the BLT person and I was the grilled cheese. But today, it was quite yummy. Oh, and the "B" was actually a "T"—turkey bacon. The whole sandwich was only 3 points. Actually, I added a bunch of fat free mayo to it that probably raised it to 4 points. But still, not bad!

I've never liked tomatoes or lettuce on bread of any kind. Just always tasted gross to me. Now, I actually like it. I'm considering just having a lettuce and tomato sandwich, but that's not very healthy.

I keep finding myself craving healthy food. I can't get enough of it.

I can feel my arms burning as I'm sitting here typing. I am still doing the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred workouts on Mon/Wed/Fri. I couldn't finish the whole workout this morning. It's only 20 minutes, but I could only make it to 15. I've been sick since last Wednesday and it was only yesterday that I could start walking around again. So I know it was just a lack of energy.

I just got back from my evening walk. I'm still walking every evening after diner. I'll have to ask hubby to un-hide the scale so he can weigh my chihuahua to see if he's dropping any weight. He goes 3 laps around and his little feet just scream so fast. He's a pound and a half over weight. Not much, you might think, but he's only supposed to be 9 pounds. So 10 1/2 is a lot!

My blogs are always so long. I know I have a problem with typing too much. I usually have to trim down my emails before I hit send. But there's just so much I want to type about in here. I'm truly amazed that anyone has the strength to read through my blogs.

Check this out:

I entered the Mary Lou's Weigh Platform Giveaway!

Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

Roni is reviewing a scale and then she's giving it away this coming weekend. It's the coolest thing, this scale. And if I don't win one, I'm going to have to find out how to get one. It's a scale without numbers. How perfect could that be??!! You get on it the first day and it logs your weight in it's memory. The the next time you get on, it tells you—verbally—how much you've gained or lost. If you gain, it give encouraging words and if you lose, it applauds. How cool is that??!! It's absolutely perfect for me. Me and the scale just don't get along at all. I'm so much better without it. But this one is really cool. I could get on it to see if I'm up or down, but I wouldn't know how much. I'd still rely on my Weight Watchers' weigh in to tell me my weight. Perfect!

Maybe I'll put that on my Christmas wish list. :D

Okay, I'll stop typing. I seriously could go on and on and on...

(Thanks for making it this far.)


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Deborah said...

Sometimes I wonder if I really raised you. BLT's are my fav sandwich in the whole world, just like your sissy. In the summer time my fav is a fresh tomato sandwich. Just tomato, mayo, salt and pepper. Oh, and you haver to go out into the garden and pick the tomato yourself just before making the sandwich. Your grandmother used to be amazed that I would eat that.