Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've found a new tool to help me through this...

I signed up for a food diary website that I think I might just like. It's called

Look at what it told me about my goal weight...

Ideal weight range: 128 - 141 lbs.
  • You are currently 27.8 lbs. over your target weight range. With the help of, you can reach 141 lbs. in 24 weeks or less. Imagine that! You could be at your ideal weight by May 23rd or sooner!
  • Best of all, our approach is based on sound science that helps you lose weight and keep it off the healthy way.
Isn't that cool? I wanted to be to my goal weight (which was actually 3 pounds less than the goal they chose for me) by May 12th (my 2-year anniversary with WW). But this is the cool part... I have a desk calendar at work that my mother-in-law made for me. It's made out of plastic canvas with yarn. You can choose the Month and the 2 day numbers from little compartments for each day of the year (three compartments, one holds the month card, and two hold the 2-digit day numbers—hope that makes sense). I'd had such a hard time keeping it up-to-date every day so I decided last week to just choose a date I liked and leave it there. 23 is my favorite number, so I chose the day 23. Then I chose May because May is the 5th month of the year and 2+3=5 (get it, 2+3 ... 23).

So isn't that cool. May 23rd is the date the MyFoodDiary chose for me to be at my goal. Gotta be a good sign!

But that's not all... it's very similar to WW's eTools and SparkPeople but it has a lot more going on after you log your food in. Lots of features that keep you motivated and show you your progress and shows the specifics about the foods you're eating and the exercise, too.

Here's an example of one feature I LOVE. It has a feature called "Calories remaining to..." in the Daily Report section. It'll tell you how many calories you have remaining to reach certain goals. Like this (click on the pictures to make them bigger if you're having trouble reading them):

It also keeps track of the details in the foods I eat and tells me what I've been eating that's good for me and bad for me. Here are some of the reports.

This one is cool. This is where some of the motivation comes in. It's nice getting the immediate response to the foods I'm eating so I can know I'm on the right track or not.

It highlights in red the things that I eat that are bad for me or over the recommended daily allowance (according to the FDA's daily recommended percentages).

It has a recipe builder and a "fridge" where you can store commonly used foods to add quicker. And you can enter foods based on the label (every bit of info that's on the label). It's really cool.

I really like it. But it cost $9 a month. So I thought I'd try it for a month and see how it works, kind of an early Christmas present to myself. I can cancel at any time. No commitments.

I already pay for Weight Watcher's E-Tools, and I don't (won't) cancel my WW eTools. I've got too much info in there that I don't want to lose. My whole weight loss history is in there.

On my weight loss efforts, I'm still going strong. I haven't splurged at all this week (except for a celebration dinner we had Saturday night—celebrating hubby's new job, Woo hoo!). I've walked every night after dinner. I've logged every bit of food I've eaten and all my exercise. I've done 2 Jillian Michaels' workouts so far this week. I feel great!


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