Friday, December 12, 2008

Kicking habits left and right...

I was just reading Sunny Days' blog about habits she's kicked. Alot of her habits were also mine, though I've never been a big fan of bread (white or wheat). I can completely identify with the cheese-habit. Oh my gosh, cheese on just about anything makes it taste better!

Now the only cheese I'll have is hard cheese or goat cheese. Mostly hard cheese, but only maybe an ounce or two a day at the most. And always 2%. It's such a great source of protein and calcium. Sometimes I'll just have a big bowl of fresh fruit and a two 1-inch squares of sharp 2% cheddar cheese for dinner. Was a great balance of nutrients.

Another bad habit of mine was chips and cream cheese. I know this sounds weird, but a big bag of Ruffles potato chips with a brick of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (I have always preferred the 1/3 less fat, ever when I was almost 300 pounds). You take a chip, and slice a hunk of cream cheese off the block maybe an eighth of an inch thick. Oh, the combination of the smooth and creamy rich cream cheese with the salty and crunchy chips is divine!

I haven't had any since last summer. I have sure craved them from time to time. But I won't indulge. These used to be a bad habit of mine. I'd sometimes stop by the store on the way home for lunch and pick up a bag and a brick and they'd be gone before I got back to work.

And butter is another habit I had to kick. Butter makes everything taste better, doesn't it? Seriously. But now, my habit is butter spray or butter flavored oil spray. If I have butter, which is rare, it's in very small amounts.

I've kicked the ice cream habit, too. I used to have an ice cream bar every night after dinner. Well, maybe one or two. I just had to have something sweet after dinner. Now, not so much. Not even diet or "light" ice cream. I've found the more I have, of the diet stuff, the more I'll crave it. So no more. A sweet apple after dinner does the trick now.

I guess I've kicked alot of bad eating habits. Replaced them with healthy tendencies.

What about you? What habits have you kicked?



Katschi said...

Bad habits...hmmmmm.
Well, I had the bad habit of eating "diet" foods in excess. I could eat several ice cream bars ~~ 100 calorie of course ~~ at a sitting. Diet pop. Diet snacks.
I had the bad habit of not moving my body with exercise.
I had the bad habit (and still do) of always comparing myself with others who are prettier, sexier, and in better shape. It leaves me drained.
I had the bad habit of binge eating.
Processed foods and extra sugar are also bad habits I've kicked.

Sunny Days said...

OH...I can't believe I forgot about the chips and cream cheese. I did the same thing only it was nacho cheese Doritos and cream cheese. I started it in high school and it was my favorite snack food every time we went on vacation or had a special thing to celebrate or just when I wanted to celebrate! I did have some this summer with mango salsa over the cream cheese....that counts as a little healthy doesn't it?? :)

Sunny Days said...

And...thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a comment! Please come again.

spunkysuzi said...

Bad habits?? Well it included lots of white bread, fried everything and anything whose main ingredient was sugar :(

SeaShore said...

Butter was one of mine, too. Since I don't like margarine as much, I use very little. None at all on veggies, whereas if I was eating butter, I'd be slathering it on!